Back of my hair looks straggly !

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Hi all , tried to post pic but having technical difficulties . Anyway, back of my hair is straggly , it is kinda poofy and dry at ends and it doesn't clump together . It separates into different pieces . Without a pic , anyone have any thoughts ? Thanks !

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    My guess would be either styling product build-up or else protein overload. When I've overdone the protein, my hair doesn't like to clump.
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    I have this issue too and I recently had an epiphany about it...I think it might be damage caused by friction from sitting in my favorite chair at home (a recliner that is soft but has raised threads that could be grabbing/damaging my hair). I think the back of my hair (particularly one section) is naturally dryer than the rest of my hair anyway, and more prone to breakage. But the chair is probably exacerbating the issue.

    I only recently stopped drying my hair with standard bath towels and now I'm rethinking my seating arrangement (lol). I may even invest in some new satin pillow cases. I'm hoping the combination of these efforts will help the back of my hair. I am also thinking of using a leave in conditioner, just in the back (I don't typically use LI's because they weigh down my hair).

    I'm not sure if any of this applies to you or not, but I thought I'd share my experience just in case.

    Good luck!

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    If all else fails, a trim or dusting off the ends can help wake up the curl again and clump it better (assuming clarifying, chelating, moisture, protein, etc all don't work).

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    Do you think it could be a product distribution issue? The back of my hair always looks less defined and a bit frizzier than the rest and I wonder if I don't get the product there the same - I do try but I can't seem to get it right. I also wonder if krly might have a point with friction maybe being an issue, I try to remember to move my hair out of the way when I'm lazing on the settee but don't always do it, I'm sure it doesn't help matters.
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