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(I intended to post a picture of my current state of frizz but the site won't let me yet. Ugh.)

This what I'm working with now. I'm truly a 3A but something has changed. For years I co-washed with Suave coconut and it was magnificent. Out of the shower and nearly sopping wet I used Suave 10, plopped, always air dried, then crunch to break the "cast" and rake and shake. Now my hair has gotten a bit stringy, with flat parts where the curl pulls out easily. No clumping. It LOOKS dry but doesn't feel dry, and I have a constant halo.

More deets: thin, low density, high porosity (sunk straight to the bottom right away!) Wet it's nearly armpit length, dry at my shoulders or just barely past. I live in northeast Pennsylvania and we're currently in a heat snap with crazy awful humidity and it's definitely plumping things up!

Yesterday I did a deep condition with L'oreal hair mask something or other and my hair felt amazing at first, but it reverted to this fluffy mess.

I don't want to get back into buying tons of pricey products only to not end up using them because they don't work. I know, I know... such is the curse of the curly hair, but I really don't have the bank account to do it. I prefer DIY natural solutions and *have* made flax seed gel before ( I didn't like the crunch and gunky feel it left.) and I'm intrigued by DIY leave in conditioners. Mostly I'm *overwhelmed* by the choices since it's been a few years and I was so happy with my routine for so long. I've practically spent my entire work day on this site and others, taking down notes, writing lists, looking up products and recipes, but I'm still just as lost and even more overwhelmed.

3A Curly Twirly with thin, low density, high porosity, fluffy hot mess.

Years of nopoo/cowash *was* working, now it's not.


  • TwirlgrrlTwirlgrrl Posts: 5Registered Users
    A trip to Target and Walmart yielded this:
    Canto shampoo and conditioner
    Cantu curling cream
    VO5 strawberries and cream co
    Suave Sunshine co
    Grapeseed oil
    A spray bottle for me to try mixing my own leave in/refresher

    I was pleased to see Oyin, and Kinky Curly at Target. I work there part time and love using my discount.
    3A Curly Twirly with thin, low density, high porosity, fluffy hot mess.

    Years of nopoo/cowash *was* working, now it's not.
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    If you want DIY moisture/clumping, irish moss has been really good at that (at least for me). It makes my curls really pop (gosh now I'm wanting to try that again). There are a variety of ways to use it. You needn't use the raw seaweed--you can purchase the powder or small chopped up bits of dry seaweed (each of which you can strain out after putting it in a pot with boiling water). Fenugreek moisturizes hair as well, more extremely I'd say than the irish moss. For me I make a light catnip tea/amla tea (1 tsp of each in a cup of hot water steeping for an hour). I leave this in my hair a few minutes after shampooing, then rinse out, and then I get good, clumped curls that pop. However the amla is a bit drying.
    DIY leave in... I used to do an overnight steeping of rosemary plant, chamomile tea, and marshmallow root/irish moss root powder wrapped in cheesecloth in a large mason jar of water. Not extremely moisturizing, but moisturizing and not weighing down or pulling out my curl (at least, when my hair was longer and dyed/high porosity).

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    Could your hair actually be overmoisturized? My hair behaves the way you describe yours is when it has too much moisture. Try a gelatin protein treatment. I leave mine for an hour, but try less the first time. It usually takes a few, but then my hair goes back to normal. Other than that, has your water changed? Hard water also makes my hair fluffy and lose curl. Does your hair feel softer or thinner than usual? Those are also signs of overmoisturized hair.

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    I'd second a protein treatment (but like 5 minutes at first), the home made gelatin treatment is cheap and it works (it's a packet of gelatin, water, a few drops of vinegar and a splash of oil).

    It could also be buildup. Try clarifying first. A trial size of a sulfate shampoo is cheap and could be the answer to your problem.
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    I did do a protein treatment a few days ago and I think that helped. I used an inexpensive Palmers coconut oil protein treatment from Target. I couldn't pass it up, Palmer's was 30% off on Cartwheel. I washed with a sulfate shampoo just prior as well.
    I did feel an immediate difference. A bit springier, and better clumping. I still have an awful halo, but we're still stuck in this heat/humidity, and I desperately need a trim. I've been growing my hair out and my layers are just too long.

    Thank you for the suggestions. I'm going to try the gelatin treatment this weekend. And I'm definitely going to look into that moss treatment as well.

    I also need to start a daily diary of what I'm using, what treatment I've tried and photos to match. I think it would be a good experiment.
    3A Curly Twirly with thin, low density, high porosity, fluffy hot mess.

    Years of nopoo/cowash *was* working, now it's not.

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