I have to give credit to nioxin

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I've never posted a comment or given feedback anywhere..
I became a member of naturallycurly purely to help my thinning curly haired sisters 😊
...I lost 78 kilos, my hair fell out and I truly cried - my signature hair looked like steel wool 😓 so I went straight (with clip in extensions) for the last few years ....then I was recommended Nioxin (i used system 1 and the follicle booster) - and for the first time in years I have started sporting my curls once again - confidently 😊
I also use the Nioxin Definition Creme with a palm full of sporadically applied schwarzkopf mousse (black & gold can)...and I'm sooooo happy 😊😊😊
It took a good month of consistent usage but the results have brought me here - babbling in a hopefully-not-boring recommendation 😉 hugs xx


  • MorrisonFan91MorrisonFan91 Curl Connoisseur Posts: 609Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    welcome!! :) .
  • BrigeyBrigey Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thankyou ��
  • BabyfineBabyfine Curl Novice Posts: 149Registered Users Curl Novice
    I agree Nioxin is a good product. My hair has always been very fine, but it was full and had a lot of volume from ages 10-22 or so. but between 22-30 my hair got extremely thin, I think possibly due to Oral contraceptives,or one preparation of it. I also got sever acne when I went off the pill and went on medication after awhile to cure it. My hair was awful thin, you could see my scalp, so I kept it bob length and permed it during my 20's and 30's.
    My hair never really recovered any thickness even after quitting the pills, getting married and having children. (I.m now close to 60)
    However, I've been using Nioxin the last 5 or 6 years, the step 3,all three products, and use a bit of a heavier condtioner from the ears down.
    I also take GNC hair skin and nail vitamins and my hair is certainly not thinner than it was years ago and in fact I think it's even slightly thicker(though not a lot) than it was 15 years ago even though I've been through meno.I've also been using better hair care practices and grown it longer, too something I felt I could not do before. So Yes a good product but it does have sulfates and cones- I would recommend it most definitely.
    I'm looking for more curl, body, volume, and shine-a miracle really.
    Poos" Nioxin, Devacurl, Jessicurl
    Leave in: Ouidad Moisture Lock/B'leavein
    Rinse out: VO5 Kiwi Lime, Mane and Tail,Too Shea
    Mousse: Oscar Blandi Hair Life, Ouidad Playcurl
    Gel: Devacurl Light defining gel
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    Its a very good product. I’ve been using Nioxin for over 5 years. Its a hair restoration line that has no chemicals (like rogaine and others). It promotes a healthy "hair growing environment". But for me it was just product for treatment hair. With neoxun I took best ever vitamins http://www.iherb.com/country-life-gluten-free-maxi-hair-time-release-90-... Hair is growing so fast plus i got lots of new ??baby?? hair :)
    Also recommend Nioxin
  • maniamania Posts: 56Registered Users
    I would love to ...:occasion9:
  • GalileaGalilea Posts: 48Registered Users
    How did you use this product? Did you use it everyday like the directions state? I wash my hair once a week because it dries out if I do anymore than that, so I wonder if it would still work that way.
    3a-3b with some 3c in the back
    Normal elasticity when dry. Low elasticity when wet.
    Low porosity at roots, normal at mid-shaft, porous at roots.
    Acid sensitive and swells rapidly in basic solutions.

    Testing products:
    Shampoo: Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Sulfate Free Shampoo.
    RO/leave in conditioner: GVP Conditioning Balm
    Deep Conditioner: TGIN Honey Hair Masque
    Gel: Flaxseed gel with a few drops of Vitamin E oil

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