Major Breakage

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Hi , I`ve been transitioning from relaxed to natural for the last 19 months and I`m still trying to figure out what works best on my 4c hair. But it seems like everything hates my hair. Ive tried co-washing as well but my hair didn't not feel clean. I can honestly say my hair responded the best to WOW but because I had an itchy scalp I decided to go back to washing my hair with shampoo. I recently just tried the shea moisture: moisture retention shampoo and the ends of my hair broke off horribly :angry7: I have no idea why this is happening. Could I still be transitioning ? Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated :)


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    Try using Apple Cider Conditioner to make your hair squeaky clean, or I use Herbal Essences Hello Hydration which makes my hair feel clean, but does not completely strip my hair.
    Have you tried protein treatments? (Aphogee 2 min reconstructor is a life saver) , this helps strengthen your hair.
    Also moisturise your hair daily, and seal with a thick cream (I use shea butter and coconut oil mixed together), to keep my hair sealed and moisturised, also keep on with the protective styles, so braids, wigs, anything where your hair is able to be protected from the elements.
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    I'm Going to try all of that lol. I have my hair in braids and have been rocking wigs for about a month and it has grown as well. Thank You :D

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