My First Keratin : not completely as expected

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I started with curly but thin 3B hair.


The only way I can wear my hair with little frizz is right out of the shower, comb in Creme of Nature's argon oil cream and a tiny bit of ElastaCare Feels like Silk gel.

I only wash my hair once a week because it tends to dry out, so it would always be in a pony tail. I would have tears of frustration trying to style it so I just didn't.


I thought I'd get wash and go, soft hair with 0 frizz, maybe slightly relaxed curls.

It took my hairdresser 4 hours, but I did get a colour right before the keratin. Unfortunately for me, I booked my appointment in a week that was blessed with rain all day, every day.

My straight hair wasn't sleek, probably because of all the humidity. In the 3 day waiting period it never got wet but it did frizz a little.

Day #1 some frizz! I contacted my hairdresser and as she suggested I flat ironed it.

Day #2 it rained all day, but less frizz. Flat ironed the frizzy bits again. I have a feeling the hairdresser's flat iron wasn't hot enough lol.

Day #3 my hair was smooth and sleek all day. It didn't rain. I decided to give it an extra 12 hours.

Day #4 Washed my hair with my new keratin shampoo and conditioner in the morning. I went to a riding lesson and it was still damp.
After my lesson it was a little fluffy. I washed any sweat out with some conditioner and put some coconut oil to see if it would dry better.


My hair didn't dry fluffy, but wasn't completely smooth and shiny. It was super soft and I could rake my fingers through it and it wouldn't frizz. I now have 2B waves with straight parts (my hair naturally had straight pieces in between).
I wasn't too pleased with it but my hair felt really easy to style and I could actually TOUCH it when it was dry. To make my waves look even I simply slept with it in a plait and combed it out in the morning.

I could have never dreamed of combing out my curly hair when it was dry.

Before the keratin, combing out my half-dry corkscrew curls would have given me the same waves so I'm not surprised that the curls have relaxed a bit.

I'm sure if I flat iron it on medium heat it would be perfect, but I don't like to heat style. Frankly I'm a bit too lazy to do it every week. I am kind of excited to put my hair in curlers. It's 10x more manageable now.

I would keratin again, but I think I'd get the expected results if I choose a dry and sunny week. :rolleyes: What do you think?

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