Trying again with my hair..and coming back here

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I joined several years ago, but stopped visiting because at the time I kind of gave up with my hair. I became overwhelmed and had other issues that took priority.

So I'm back and I really want to figure out my hair.

I have low porosity, as in after 4 hours my hair was still floating, and my top layer (I think it's canopy?) is 2a while underneath is 2c-3a. Talk about frustrating mixed curl pattern. Oh. low density and strands are medium to fine.

My main problem at the moment is frizz. I have frizz like crazy. Not pouf frizz (my son has that) but surface frizz all over.

I'm at a loss as to what to even try because my hair is very easily weighed down. Well, the top layer is. My curly ringlets are not. Darn top layer.

I have just started back using sulfate free poo, and last night used a co wash. As for styling, I'm just clueless. For the past several years I have used one bottle of gel, Biolage Firm Gelee, which give me nice definition but the frizz is crazy. So I always just put my hair back in buns/ponytails.

It seems if I leave any conditioner in my hair it is limp and greasy looking. and still frizzy.

Someone give me a few suggestions to try. Please. Oh, unfortunately no gluten. My doctor nixed gluten from my hair and body products although technically I should be able to use them. As a celiac it's just an extra precaution to eliminate all possible exposure.

So right now I have Shea Moisture conditioning co-wash, the clear start shampoo, and am using Argan Magic Hydrating conditioner.

Last night I co-washed, left a little bit of the Argan Magic in, put Biolage Gelee in, and plopped over night. My hair is crazy frizzy and yet super limp and greasy looking....with okay curl definition.


  • MorrisonFan91MorrisonFan91 Registered Users Posts: 609 Curl Connoisseur
    welcome :) .

    1 thing, i have found being low porosity curls ^ waves myself is when very humid/high dews anything with shea butter weighs it down.

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