Best Salon style hair curlers and products?


I have type 2A curly hair so only slightly wavy .... I am looking to buy decent salon style curling tongs for sale on the market. Ive only had one other pair and they were expensive and crap!

I was considering a perm but to be honest I am scared lol! After seeing my mates and how bad it went!! I think Ill stick to the curlers!

There are so many curlers out there... its hard to choose ... had so many crap ones that I am prepared to pay a decent price....

I want strong ones (as my others , the plastic broke) strong attachments ....and a good variety also .. And most importantly .... good heat standard!

Are ceramic ones best?

Any suggestions would be great! thanks in advance!


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    how about WAHL products? their products always seem good and older brand...
  • salonsallysalonsally Posts: 7Registered Users
    THANKS! WAHL is a great choice, i have been reading up on them and in general i dont think you can get better. Also has a masssive range of designs and materials ceramic etc... But they are at the top of the price range! i suppose you pay for what you get. if anyone is interested i found a lot of WAHL products at Wahl Curling for sale in Ireland | 156 used Wahl Curlings this is for people who want a selection of prices and products together