any swiss curlyheads here?

miikamiika Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone here is from Switzerland and could recommend a good hair dresser (seems like most hair dressers here don't have much of a clue about cutting curly hair).

Also, anyone know of a good salon in central London? I'm going there for a few days the first week of april, thought I might stop by a salon there and get a decent cut.



  • meowmixmeowmix Registered Users Posts: 48
    I was thinking of the trevor sorbie salon. I haven't been but I liked what he had to say about cutting curly hair on his website
    The prices may be a bit high though, and I'd ask for a stylist who was trained in cutting curly hair
  • nexttrainnexttrain Registered Users Posts: 1
    I'm from Switzerland :dance:dance.gif Unfortunately I don't have any hairdresser recomendations for you , sorry :oops:

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