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Haven't been here in a while! I bought the curl gloss thinking it would be a good product for lazy air dry days. While it was ok for that, yesterday I decided to try it with diffusing. So, I washed, conditioned and rinsed up side down with cold water- shout out to the woman who posted about that- sorry I forget who it was but thanks!!! Then squeezed excess water out, upside down. Applied a dime of product to underside of hair, squished in, then flipped over and applied a dime to canopy, flipped upside down and really scrunched in. Raked upside down then removed more water w a t shirt towel then plopped. I diffused upside down, making sure to lift at scalp so it would have root volume. Seriously was amazed at the curl when I flipped over. Amazed. And it held overnight!!!! I'm a 2b about shoulder length.
2B/2C wavy
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    I loved Oribe when I used to straighten my hair. Now you tell me there's one for curls?! How am I supposed to keep my PJ at bay?! :compress::compress::compress:

    ETA... off to look up the ingredients!
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