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Hello. I'm new at cg and been trying it for a couple weeks now. Right now I'm having a problem with my scalp being itchy and flakey. This usually happens when the seasons change and one use of salson blue clears it up. No other product seems to work. Is there something CG I could try?
Right now I'm using the no-poo deva curl and conditioner and gel. Or tresseme biotique conditioners and Pantine curly gel. But also a not CG friendly violet shampoo for my bleached brassy hair.


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    try incorporating a sulfate free low poo in your regime. also, put some brown sugar in your conditioner when you wash your hair, it feels amazing on the scalp. you may need to use a clarifying shampoo every now and then, which the selson blue with the sulfates would help clarify.
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    I recommend Tea Tree Oil for your scalp, it's really helped me. I use it at night before bed an sleep with it and I'll add some to my conditioner in the morning. I have to be careful when I use it though, I have fine hair and it will make it look greasy if I use too much of it.

    OGX has a Tea Tree Shampoo that I believe is CG friendly and I found the bottle of the oil at Target in the shampoo isle.
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    Have you tried a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse? When I get itchy scalp after coloring I do that for a few washes and it helps. I use a bottle like this Mainstays Dispense Bottle - and keep it in the shower. It's great so I can concentrate it on my scalp. I squirt onto scalp, massage a bit. then rinse lightly with cold water. Really helps.
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    I used to have seborrhea, it would flare up bad to the point I couldn't stop scratching my scalp.

    I've tried all medicated shampoos, including Regenepure DR (not quite CG friendly as it has silicone, however it is SLS free). It worked for a time but then I was still having the same issues.

    I bought this shampoo bar off of etsy and it ended up being the best decision I ever made. It got rid of my seborrhea and from there I was able to transition to a great conditioning cleanser that keeps my seborrhea away. Now if I need a clarifying shampoo, I use DE lemon tea tree shampoo which is CG friendly and on occasion I will use an SLS apple-scented shampoo I got from a salon supply store (I got a massive 1 gallon jug of it lol).

    Remember that CG isn't about going a long time in between washes. Some people can, some people can't. If you're having an itchy scalp, you need to wash more often and with a product that isn't going to just give temporary relief, but get rid of the problem. I know for me, vinegar and tea tree oil even at high concentrations did not work for me. Neither did shampoos with ketoconazole or zinc. In the end, I think it was the clay in that shampoo bar that really kick started the removal of the fungus causing my scalp itch and dandruff. But everyone is different, and something I've learned though my own hair journey is that if my scalp it itching, I should address it asap and get rid of the problem before it gets as bad as I let mine get originally.

    ETA: a few other suggestions, don't put conditioner on anywhere near your scalp (condition from ears down), if you have a diffuser on your blow dryer, use the blow dryer to at least dry the scalp/roots to about 60% or more before air drying.
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    I would also suggest going to your doctor and having them check your scalp for eczema or something similar. If it's that, no amount of product/routine changes are going to help 100% unless you know that's what you're dealing with.

    Be very, very careful with messing with your scalp's pH balance by using vinegar. I'd check for scalp conditions first, and if you're in the clear, then maybe try it. But again, be careful, just like you would putting any harsh chemical on your head or face.

    Good luck!
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