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Hello! I'm Morgan and my journey with wavy hair is probably similar to most of yours. I used to straighten it to the point that people I talked to every day didn't know my hair was anything other than straight until we had a class trip and slept in one morning (See first picture). By that time I had figured to not brush it but that was about it. Likely heat damaged, no product, towel and air dried, but not terrible.

Over the next couple years, I became too lazy to straighten it most of the time and had come to accept the waves, my routine was still just wash and go, though I did using plopping to dry sometimes. With no assistance my hair has a really messy, non unified wave and a lot of volume. More than frizz or anything, it's just a lot of fluffiness without a lot of definition.

Last year I chopped all of my hair off, which I loved, but the cut really required straightening again. It's getting back to a length where I can leave it natural, though the messiness and lack of definition really shows. The second and third pictures are from last night: really messy, untouched, second day hair. This is more or less what it does now when I don't touch it, though it can be a little nicer. Still, generally more fluffy, lion mane than any real definition.

The last two pictures are from this morning after showering and plopping overnight. I've plopped on and off for the last couple years, always with pretty great success. It's something I really love doing.

I'm considering doing a modified CG method to really revitalise my hair (I'm also growing out my natural colour- well, mostly, I'm only going to use semi permanent dyes from here on out- you can't fully stop a change addict). However, I've come to sort of like the poofiness on its good days and I have a lot of dry, irritated, possible psoriasis, scalp problems that I'm worried CG may worsen. I'm still willing to give it a shot though, it's always easy to go back and I've loved reading all of your success stories! If you guys have any advice for my mane, I would love to hear it!


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    Welcome! I love the way your hair looks in the pics where you plopped overnight - beautiful! I'm like you in that I also like some poofiness in my hair. When I manage to completely get rid of all frizz and keep it nice and shiny, it also looks too flat to me. The times I've used glycerin in my products, I've gotten more "poof," and I LOVE that added volume. Unfortunately it's hard to find the right balance between definition, frizz control, and volume. I'm still working on that myself.

    What I really came here to comment on though, was your concern that CG might worsen your scalp problems. I also have scalp issues (scalp psoriasis? seborrhea? i don't know as I've never actually had it diagnosed, but it's itchy, scaly, and flaky, although not dry). When I first started CG, I started with Deva No Poo - BIG MISTAKE! It aggravated my scalp problems to the point that it was probably 10 times worse than it had ever been. Since then I've switched to low-poos rather than no-poos or co-washes, and my scalp has been much better. I'm not saying my scalp problems are gone - they're just back to the same level they've always been, rather than much worse as they were with the no-poo. Just something to keep in mind - you may need a low-poo rather than co-wash to keep your scalp clear. As a disclaimer, I also never tried any co-washes other than the Deva No Poo, so maybe not all would have given me the same problem. That one experience was enough for me though to realize that not washing my scalp was probably not good for the scaly buildup I get. Good luck!
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    Hi Morgan!! lovely hair dear :)
    :afro:Ghanaian /Natural 4a/b | Subscribe to --> My Youtube Channel !


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