How to get volume/curls during commute

Soon I will have to start commuting an hour one-way to work. Normally I like to get up with enough time to shower, let my hair air dry a bit and then diffuse until dry but with the extra commute time I'd have to get up an hour earlier and that just isn't happening! :sleepy1: Fortunately my hair will dry by the time I get to work if I crank the blowers up in my car the problem is I don't get the body and same curls diffusing gives. Clipping at the roots helps with volume but I was wondering if anybody can think of a solution that mimics that shrinkage I get from diffusing. when I let it air dry everything just gets so stretched out :p


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    For me, plopping works really well! And what's also nice about that is that you can eat your breakfast or do your make up in that time.
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    The only thing I can think of is to do some pin curls on places where the shrinkage matters most and secure them with a bobby pin. Or could you maybe use some really big claw clips that would hold all your hair and kind of squish it up toward your scalp?
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    Maybe diffuse halfway. That is what I do and I get the same amount of curl (which is not alot since im only 2b but i digress) as when I diffuse pretty much all the way. I also clip the roots and I will pin curl the problem clumps.
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    I would plop, and halfway to work I'd take my plop out and just let it air dry from there. Or, I'd diffuse a bit like ttoosday said. My go-to is diffusing, so I would be feeling the same way as you! I love tons of volume. I can get volume air drying but plopping for ten or fifteen minutes helps, and then shaking out the roots after my hair is dry really makes my hair voluminous.
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    I typically try to wash my hair at night because I'm just never going to get up early enough to have it mostly dry before work. However, the times I have had to do my hair in the morning with very little time to do so, I've plopped while doing my makeup, brushing my teeth, getting dressed (so maybe 10-15 minutes) and then after taking the plop out diffuse for just about 5 minutes. While five minutes may seem like nothing, it's just enough to take it from soaking/dripping wet to just plain wet, and to start helping the hair shrink/scrunch a little if you pixie-diffuse like I do. I don't get the same volume as if I diffuse for 20 minutes, but it's better than air-drying all the way.
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    Try buying some roller jaw clips from Curly Hair Solutions and put them in your partially dried hair. If you are driving, no one will see you with clips in your hair. I do it often. :)
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    Can you diffuse it on low for 20 mins?

    I use volumizing spray on 2nd day hair. And I tease the roots.

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