Given up on Naturally Curly

I have tried everything in the book when it comes to no sulfates, no parabens, no silicones, no drying alcohols.

Trying to do co-washing, deep conditioning, protein treatments, ect.

My hair looks worse than ever. It is always dry now, it is frizzy no matter what I do, and trying the naturally curly way has made me hate my hair even more.:shaking: I'm not sure what to do other than go back to my old ways of straightening my hair and never seeing my curly hair again.

Has anyone else had this much trouble that they have given up on their hair?
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    I think you are talking about the Curly Girl book (?). Just to be clear, the Naturally Curly site is not connected with the book, though a lot of the members here do use the Curly Girl method.

    Did you do a final wash with a sulfate shampoo before starting the co-washing?
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    Have you checked out the labels and played around with different formulations? It may be a matter of avoiding certain ingredients. When I first started trying CG, I had very similar issues with dryness and frizz - until I figured out that protein and coconut make my hair look like a witch's broom! Even though I'll keep experimenting, for now I have found some products that make my hair very healthy-looking - much better than back in the non-CG days.
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    Sometimes a different sort of method can help your hair look good and be healthy. Not everyone benefits from strict cg.

    For example, can you wear your hair curly if you use silicones and a mild sulfate shampoo? Does it look good that way without straightening it?

    Another method that works well for me is to use a good conditioner, comb my hair, do absolutely nothing, no styling, no scrunching, and just let it dry or dry with a diffuser. Then I use my Conair Instant Heat Brush (not a hot air brush - check Amazon for different sizes of the Conair Instant Heat Brush) and use it to curl just the top layers of my hair. I get a much more polished look that way and still haven't damaged my hair by straightening.

    It was someone on this website who suggested the Conair Instant Heat Brush to me when I was desperate - I love it. It isn't expensive.

    If you get it, just understand, it doesn't blow dry your hair - it's meant to be used on dry hair. It isn't super hot like a flat iron and it doesn't burn my hair or my fingers. There are 25 heat settings.

    The main thing is to find a method that makes your hair healthy and makes you happy and doesn't drive you nuts. If your goal is to wear your hair in its natural curly state and avoid straightening it, try one of these other methods. I hope one of them works for you. :thumright:
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    You have to try out a bunch of products to find what works for you, and the same goes for techniques. (You didn't figure out how to straighten your hair in an hour, did you?)

    I don't cowash, I use a low poo. I don't leave a rinse out conditioner in my hair, that's just way too heavy, I use a light leave in instead. What I put in for styling depends a lot on the weather. On a high humidity day, I need a leave in conditioner, KCCC and CK on top of that, and my hair will look lovely- lots of body and pretty ringlets. If I put the CK on top on a not-so-humid day, my hair is lank and greasy and stringy.

    There's a lot of experimentation that goes into having nice curls. There was a lot of experimentation that went into making your hair straight, too, it just took place over the course of years and you didn't notice.

    If you can tell us your hair's properties- fine or coarse, thin or thick, porous or not- we might be able to suggest some things.
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    Everything said above and it takes some people years to find a routine that works for them. Your hair is unique and requires lots of experimentation.
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    Hey maybe you can post your hair pictures so that we can all help
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    I tried the CG method when I first started, but my hair never felt clean after co-washing and the build up was intense, so I made some changes. Instead of going back to straight hair, I switched up my methods. Just like following a recipe, you add or take away based on your personal tastes. I would encourage you to keep at it! No one gets it right on their first try.
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