Hair falls limp

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Right now I have just above chin length wavy hair. A couple months back I damaged my hair after bleaching it at home. That's when I realized I had to cut back on the blow-drying and bleaching to further destroy my hair. Since then I've been going a little crazy trying to figure out why my hair won't cooperate.

After washing / conditioning, I apply leave-in conditioner just on the ends of my hair by raking it in. Then I use a level 4 hair gel, scrunch it in, and then remove excess water with a t-shirt. I always let my hair air dry and it does create a cast but when I break the cast, my hair just goes limp. There really isn't much volume and just a slight wave. I'm so confused because I thought using gel keeps the hair in place, not make it limp? Anyone know what's going on with my hair?


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    There are a few possibilities it can be: You may need a protein treatment, you may need a stronger or different gel, you may get weighed down by the conditioner and/or gel itself. I remove water before applying product, don't use LI, and don't rake; any of these things pull out my curl. But everyone is different. What are your hair properties? What is the strand width of your hair? Also, you may want to try diffusing (not sure if that's what you were referring to when you said blow-drying?). Diffusing gives great volume and also shortens drying time, thus giving water less time to weigh down hair and pull out the curl. If heat is a concern you can always set it to low heat or even cool air.

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    Some things to try:

    1 - Check your hair's protein to moisture level. The instructions for finding out which one your hair needs/has too much of can be found here.

    2 - The gel and/or leave in conditioner may be too heavy for your hair. I have a ton of hair that's dry and bleached over at least twice on the ends, and so I assumed a good creamy leave-in conditioner would be perfect! But it wasn't! It was way too heavy. If your individual hair strands are more medium/fine thickness, instead of a leave-in conditioner, try a leave-in lighter oil. Avoid heavy, clinging oils and butters. I really like almond, rosehip, grapeseed, and rosarco oil for this. Coconut, shea, and even jojoba or castor oil would be a little heavy if your hair is more of the medium/fine side.

    Level 4 gel is also really, really strong. It might be interesting for you to try styling with a light-hold cocktail of products, like the Jessicurl Rockin' Ringlets and Gelebration Spray products, which are lighter hold when used alone but layer really nicely without creating too much weight on your hair.

    4 - Products with silicones will also weigh your hair down.

    5 - Sadly, very damaged hair cuticles will never curl the way they "should". They're physically damaged. Your hair may be limp when styled because that's the best your hair shaft can do at the moment - it doesn't have the structural integrity to curl up and hold product, but without product, it will look a mess (because it is a mess, structurally) since your cuticles won't be physically smoothed down by products.

    Do your best, get regular trims, keep your hair well moisturized/proteinized (depending on what that test you take says about your hair!) by doing the right treatments every two weeks or so, and be patient. It'll get there. Good luck!
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    I too would suggest trying a protein treatment, and if that doesn't work, trying a different gel. I do have some gels that dry with a really nice cast, but once I scrunch out the crunch, my hair doesn't have much texture to it, and it falls flat.
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    I also remove water before applying leave ins and stylers as Naturecat suggested. My hair just gets weighed down too easily otherwise.
    I also second the protein treatment. You could also try a mousse instead of a gel. The above suggested Gelebration spray is good, too. Have you tried clipping at the roots? This gives me a bit of lift and volume.
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    What products specifically are you using? There are a wide array of factors that could contribute.
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    What's weird is about two weeks ago I made one of those gelatin protein treatments and it did nothing for my hair. As you mentioned, I thought I needed protein also but it really didn't seem to do much for me. My hair properties I'm going to guess are high porosity, medium texture and medium density as well.
  • BeinDebBeinDeb Posts: 583Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    The gelatin protein treatments don't do it for my hair either. I think sometimes, the type of protein may make a big difference ~ hair can be tricky and picky! While the gelatin didn't work for me, anything with keratin or silk protein makes the old curls bounce for joy.

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