1st Perm and natural hair products

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Hey there,

I got my first ever perm and went from bulky hair that was a mix of straight/wavy to curly hair. It looks fantastic without product, but if I want it to look more polished or maybe as time goes on, I can see how I might need some product and I would really like to use something natural and I would like to avoid mousse.

The John Frieda line seems like it would be great if I can't find natural products, but do y'all have any recommendations?


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    I know this site is about keeping hair natural, but your permed hair looks great! You will need to know your hair properties to figure out what works best for your hair. If you can't figure them out on your own, Goosefootprints on etsy is relatively inexpensive and offers an in-depth analysis. Knowing your porosity and strand size/texture is important.

    The basics Curly Girl natural routine is too not use shampoos with sulfate and avoid silicones in conditioners and styling products. Ingredients ending in -xane are usually silicones. Some of us modified CG use water-soluble silicones like amodimethicone, which washes out without sulfates.the higher an ingrrdient is on the list, the more of it in the product.

    I believe there is a beginner curly girl sticky somewhere on the newbie thread that explains this in more detail.

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