ARID climate waves?

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for those of you living west or deserts climates...what do you do? Dews are good where i am 45-50; humidity not good, 15-30% what do you follow for products? glycerin based products are supposed to work in that dew range, but my hair has been feeling pretty crispy. moisture is always a problem, but that dew/humidity combo has got me confused! i am thinking maybe a winter routine would work? i havent figure out a routine yet, but i think i want to try CJ's curl queen gel, so i am realling looking for a good winter cream to use underneath. ive tried aveda curl cream, eden body works curl cream, yes to coconuts curl cream, sm smoothie curl, mop top custard, all of which were flops. glycerine is my enemy, aloe is a new friend, but lately with the low humidity it seems to make my hair more dry. Would love to know what dry climate girls use. thanks


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    I just moved from Florida to California and I'm also struggling with how dry it is. I'd love to know if anyone has ideas.

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    Still experimenting...
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    hey! i feel like this website was made for easterners and mid westerners. The advice just doesnt fit for dry climates. In my region, humidity varies 14-60% with dews 30-50, in the summer. Winter time is 15-20 dews and 15-30% humidity. From my experience thus far, glycerin works well until the dew point is below 41, and humidity is like 10%. I am tired of all the "crap" products out there loaded with preservatives and parabens and other things, if we cant pronounce what it is, why should we be using it on the skin if its chemical? i am going to try making my own flax seed gel, and my own curl cream without glycerin. aloe even makes my hair dry during those low dews and humidity. It's pretty tough trying to adjust to this climate. I will always have some frizz, i am just prone to it. and honestly having good ingredients in products is #1 to me.
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    I live in the Midwest, but in winter, the dews are very low, and inside, the humidity is extremely low as well--maybe on the upper end of what you have posted. I am still working on a good winter routine, but I have found that the Beautiful Curls gel for Wavy to Curly hair works well to moisturize my hair in that weather. If I use this gel in spring, my hair gets works for me only in winter. Its consistency is like that of flaxseed gel--kind of slimy. It is a very natural product without a lot of preservatives and chemicals.
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    I haven't figured out a fool proof method, but have found I can use a little bit of product with glycerin (i.e. LALSG) if I make sure to use a moisturizing leave-in and FSG underneath (at the recommendation of someone on this board, actually). My fave conditioner to use as a leave in is YTC Pampering, but its discontinued/hard to find so I'm trying to find a backup and currently not having much luck. I might like it so much because it has oils in it, which help with moisture retention.

    Speaking of oils, I use a little bit of coconut oil in my homemade FSG as well. It's all about keeping the moisture in, which is a fine balance I'm still navigating because I can get oil/product build up. Whee!
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    thanks! I am trying all glyercine free, i am super sensitive to it! I am going to try alaffia everyday coconut hydrating lime shampoo & conditioner. followed by alaffia's fortifying lotion as a leave in/cream. And homemade flaxseed gel. The gel is amazing, and i have yet to incorporate the others. Low dews & 20% humidity already out west. I get maybe 1 month I can use glycerine. I also want to try making my own curl cream, results to come. There isnt much that is glycerine free!
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    I used to live in the desert and my hair was almost bone straight then with the dry air. I wanted curls and waves and used to get spiral perms about once a year. When I moved to the humid upper midwest, my hair slowly started to get wavier. Haven't had a perm in 16 years and my hair naturally comes in wavy now. However, it may have been hormones, too. My mother told me her hair got wavier as she approached 50 and mine did as well.
    My hair got very wavy during puberty but straightened out again in my 20's.
    My hair gets more volume and wave in the humid summers and gets more limp in the winter with the artificial heat going all the time.
    However I have been able to maintain wave with products and the good techniques I learned from this site in the winters with using winter products and summer products.
    I'm looking for more curl, body, volume, and shine-a miracle really.
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    Spray your hair with a spray bottle daily, and you can add a little leave-in conditioner on top of that. Otherwise I'm not sure how to battle the dryness.

    Also indoor humidifier
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