Shipping costs will be higher, now that UK, has left the EU!

MyWomenPowerMyWomenPower Registered Users Posts: 33
Is it true, that shipping costs will be higher? I order most of my stuff from European countries, so does that mean, that political decisions will affect my hair care regime, too?:thumbdown::cry::argue::shaking:


  • sparkiesparkie Registered Users Posts: 11
    I don't think shipping will be higher right away, it will be down the road though once tariffs are places on products from the UK. But buying from the UK right now could be cheaper since the pound is crashing. I'm not an economist, I'm just going based off of what I have read :tongue5:
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  • MyWomenPowerMyWomenPower Registered Users Posts: 33
    So, if I buy as a British citizen, some products, will it be cheaper?

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