Types of hairpieces ?

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I'm going to get a hairpiece and curious about the types of hairpieces.. stopped by a few shops to see what they offered but just curious . I saw a hair piece that attaches to the original hair, a hair piece attached with clips , and a hair piece attached with tape . I still have some of my original hair left so I'm deciding on going with the hair piece clip .Would the hair piece clip do any damage to my existing hair ? I tried on a sample and did feel it tug a bit at my hair but would this be enough to pull out my hair ? Is it less damaging than the hair piece that is tied to your original hair ?
Regimen: 5% Minoxidil twice a day (morning and night) on front hairline, Proscar (broken into 5 pieces) one piece every night. MSM 1000 Mg, Zinc 30 Mg, Vitamin E, Multi-Vitamin.
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