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Hi ladies (and gents),

I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you for all the great advice on here. I've only been doing curlygirl for the last month and can tell a tremendous difference. After years of taking my curls for granted and using irons and wands, extreme color changes etc, I decided to see if I could embrace what I have. My hair is less curly than it used to be after the abuse and thyroid meds etc but I'm sticking to it!

I got my first curly cut last week and what a change! I started out using some Shea Moisture products as I've been "figuring it all out" for myself lol. My hair seems like its "thick| because there is a lot of it, but I found out from my hairdresser that I have High Density, Low Porosity, Fine hair. Its mostly 3a with some 3b in the back beneath the crown. Who knows what it will be like when the health comes back. I have highlights and a demi-permanent base color. The Shea moisture products really seemed to weigh my hair down and took away its normal volume and shine. My hairdresser said thats because they just sit on top and don't penetrate because my cuticle is so smooth. He used Boucleme hydrating cleanser (very slightly foaming, no sulfates, silicones or anything bad) and conditioner on my hair and followed up with a their curl creme for definition and finally my new HOLY GRAIL product, the Boucleme curl defining gel (filled with all sorts of goodness like flax and essential oils). This gel is AMAZING. They are not paying me, lawd I wish they'd send me free gel though lol. The gel is lightweight, smells amazing, makes a light "cast" but scrunches away to the softest most defined curls I've been able to get. The top of my head tends to get flat because my hair holds moisture so much and weighs down, but the gel really helped define it all the way to the roots. I rake and shake because I have to get product everywhere. My hair is long, but my new haircut took off the weight and the layers allow the curls to be themselves. If you're hair is silky, but dense and doesn't respond well to heavy products and co-washing, TRY THIS STUFF. I know it won't work for everybody, but I had to share. I love the smell of shea moisture and how soft it makes my hair, but it also makes it limp and some pieces looked straighter than before. I know they're great products and some of you guys have great success with them. I wish I did because the price is definitely right.
So if you feel like you hit a wall with your current routine and you have a similar hair type (not lacking moisture, don't need to "cowash" but can't shampoo either), check this stuff out. I'm getting 3rd and 4th day hair by just spraying the lavender oil/water on my hair! I used to have to get it fully wet, apply more gel and then diffuse. Now i can airdry with clips from the first day, I can refresh and still get a good result. Its very exciting. I thought I was always going to have to diffuse. If I'm in a hurry, i'll diffuse at my root area to stop it from weighing down as I go about my business.
I'll post some pics as soon as I'm allowed. :-)


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    I am also very curious about Boucleme!!!
    I started my natural hair journey a year ago. It has been a struggle! I'm a real product junkie. I've used sheamoisture, kinky curly, giovanni, jessicurl, curly hair solutions etc etc. I'm still learning...

    I'm learning my new summer routine. My hair loves glycerin but not in summer. The contents in the boucleme gel is very high, do you have any problems with it?

    I just started a instagram account about my journey: curlsandblondies
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    I do like boucleme, however, i find their products a little heavy for me... i have a full bottle of conditioner and gel, the condionter is the most moisturising conditioner ive ever used, but it doesnt have a ton of slip, and its a little too heavy too use as a leave in so i use it as a treatment, the gel is really watery and applies well, but it dont get many days out of it as its only a medium hold, so i prefer too use trepadora, their products are not a moisturising, but they have more options and their products are lighter, i love their strong hold gel, i love scrunching the cast XD and imo, it smells a bit lighter not that boucleme has an overwhelming smell too begin with
    Uk Curly Guy
    3A medium curls, medium-low porosity, loves protein!

    Currently using:Trepadora clay wash or boucleme no lather cleanser. Boucleme conditioner, Devacurl styling cream, Boucleme curl defining gel. Trepadora quinoa repair deep conditioner, Trepadora maca moisture treatment

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