Clumping disaster. Help please

I'm an 18 yr old that recently decided to go natural and grow my hair out. My qualms with my hair are that it is very frizzy. Even when I put gel on it and try and wash and go, my hair just turns into compact frizz. My hair just seems too not clump together to form nice curls. I'll have pics too show also. Its just very frustrating because my hair doesn't have the volume and curl uniformity and clumps that i' d like. Can anyone give suggestions? My hair is a short twa btw.


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    That isnt so bad, for the first 6 months of going natural that isnt your definate curl pattern! ive been natural for 3 years but my hair doesnt clump because of too much heat styling. It will change with time depending on how much heat you use.
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    What products do you use and how do you apply them? Is your hair fine, medium or coarse (the individual strands)? Do you have very little hair, a ton of hair or in between? Is your hair heat or chemically damaged?

    In general, major frizz is one of 3 things (some frizz in inevitable with curls)

    1. Lack of moisture. So use a good rinse out conditioner, a nice leave in conditioner and deep condition often. Check out the recipe forum for homemade DTs or the product reviews for store bought.

    2. Buildup. When you stopped using silicones, did you do a clarifying wash to get them out? If not, that may be the problem. Mineral oil is a common frizz producer, check your products.

    3. Technique. Technique is as important as product, maybe more so. Don't use a towel on your hair, use an old t-shirt. Apply all products to soaking wet hair and then don't touch your hair. At all. When it is dry, you can scrunch out the crunch, but that's it.
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