Help transitioning back to curls....

Hello! I am thinking of trying to transition again from always straightening my hair to my natural wave/curl but need your help!

Here's what I know about my hair:

It ranges from 2A to 3A (maybe even B). It varies and not in a good way. The very underlayer is the curliest (3A-B). The top layer on sides/front is anywhere from 2B-2C and the back top later is 2A.

As far as I can tell I think I have high density, coarse, low porosity hair, and is about shoulder length. Right now since I wear it straight, I have a slight inverted bob.

A few years ago I tried to wear it naturally. It was a bit longer then and no bob. I tried so many different products and spent a lot of money, but just never loved the result. I could get decent curl but the back top layer was still such an issue that often I still curled that. The process also took longer than mine does right now when I blow dry/flat iron.

If anyone has any idea of products I could try and/or different processes/steps to try, I'm all ears. Also, I am not shooting for it to all look 3A. I am okay with less curly but right now it such different patterns and so wonky, especially with the flat 2A back top layer. And the 3A curl underneath has always created big poofy hair but not in a good way I would be more than happy with it all looks 2B-2C. Honestly if it could look NICE, I'd even be okay with 2A, if I'm wearing it somewhat naturally and not having to go through 2000 steps and lots of time.

I would like as short of a process as possible as my commute is long and like my sleep


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    My hair recently changed from high porosity to low, and what I have found to be helpful, especially on my coarser sections, is oil treatments on dry hair. I put a few drops of oil on my hair each night and let it absorb in overnight. By morning, there is no trace of the oil. I also put a few drops of oil in my dry hair a few hours before I wash.

    Putting oil on dry hair helps the elasticity of the hair. I thought maybe this might help you because your hair is coarse. I've been using Weleda Hair Conditioning Oil, but you could use coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, or other oils that people mention here on the forum.
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    Hi! I'm also in the process of "transitioning" from flat ironing nearly every day to wearing my hair in its natural state. I hit my 3-week mark today, which doesn't sound like much, but it's the longest I've ever worn my hair curly, and just three weeks has made a HUGE difference.

    I also struggle w/ varying textures, particularly a looser pattern at the back of my head. But in my third week, I've noticed a change. It's looking so much better, and I imagine it will continue to do so. So here are my tips:

    1) Don't expect a particular pattern/texture. Let your hair figure itself out, and try not to envision it all wavy or all curly or kinky or whatever you have in mind.
    2) Try to wear it down and curly, at least when you're at home. If it bothers you too much when you're going out somewhere because of the textures, you need to master the art of the bun. Find a bun type that suits your face and looks good w/ all of your outfits. It will be your friend.
    3) Don't overload your hair with products. Let it breathe. Find a good co-wash for day to day, and a gentle shampoo and moisturizing deep conditioner for weekly use (I tend to do this 2-3x a week actually). Then just use a little bit of leave-in and/or a little bit of oil (I like Carol's Daughter serums and Argan oil).
    4) When your hair starts to get dry, just take a little bit of coconut (or whatever) oil and smooth it onto your hair and then flip over and scrunch. Seriously just a LITTLE bit because your various textures will only be more noticeable if your hair is flat and greasy. I've learned this the hard way. But adding in this little bit of healing moisture is key.
    5) Re-wet your hair as often as necessary. I wet my hair in the shower pretty much every day because I'm not yet to a point where I'm confident rocking second day hair. But I'm getting closer. And in the meantime, water is your friend, not your foe.
    6) Just stop straightening it when the time is right. It's taken me 25 years to cut out the heat. I've wanted to do it so many times, but I never felt like it was the right time. This summer, I'm studying for a test and don't have to go in to work, so it's perfect for me. And I have my boyfriend supporting me. So wait until a time when you feel ready to make a transition and when you have friends, family, or significant others supporting you. And when you're ready, it'll be tough still, but I promise just cutting out heat makes all the difference.
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    Are you sure your hair is low porosity, OP? that seems pretty unlikely. Curly hair in general is less likely to be low porosity and heat damage would tend to make it high porosity.
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