Thinking of trying to transition again...

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Hello! I am thinking of trying to transition again from always straightening my hair to my natural wave/curl but need your help!

Here's what I know about my hair:

It ranges from 2A to 3A (maybe even B). It varies and not in a good way. The very underlayer is the curliest (3A-B). The top layer on sides/front is anywhere from 2B-2C and the back top later is 2A.

As far as I can tell I think I have high density, coarse, low porosity hair, and is about shoulder length. Right now since I wear it straight, I have a slight inverted bob.

A few years ago I tried to wear it naturally. It was a bit longer then and no bob. I tried so many different products and spent a lot of money, but just never loved the result. I could get decent curl but the back top layer was still such an issue that often I still curled that. The process also took longer than mine does right now when I blow dry/flat iron.

If anyone has any idea of products I could try and/or different processes/steps to try, I'm all ears. Also, I am not shooting for it to all look 3A. I am okay with less curly but right now it such different patterns and so wonky, especially with the flat 2A back top layer. And the 3A curl underneath has always created big poofy hair but not in a good way :) I would be more than happy with it all looks 2B-2C. Honestly if it could look NICE, I'd even be okay with 2A, if I'm wearing it somewhat naturally and not having to go through 2000 steps and lots of time.

I would like as short of a process as possible as my commute is long and like my sleep :)


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    It's certainly possible that you have varying curl patterns on your head, that's not uncommon, but I wonder if the issue is a combination of greater damage to certain areas from styling, the sun, etc. loosening up the curl and the wrong cut not encouraging the curl.

    The section you have with the weakest curl pattern is called the canopy. That section is almost always the most damaged because it's exposed to the sun and other elements and it receives the brunt of blow drying and flat ironing, as well as highlighting, etc. More damage = weaker curl.

    The cut makes a difference, too. You would be able to pick out exactly where my bob was thinned if you saw me because my hair is curly, curly, curly, poofyfrizz.

    It takes time and a good cut to recover from all that. 4 weeks in, I can wash, apply leave in and gel to soaking wet hair, let it air dry or spend under 10 minutes diffusing, SOTC and I'm done. I'm also not stressing the portions of my hair that won't curl right now because I know I have a ton of growing out damage to do, so I'm happy that most of the hair I can see in a mirror is looking good. Actually, I'm happy it's attached to my head, it was breaking off.
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    So what steps/products did you start with to get to where you are? I don't even know how to begin. Thanks!

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