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Hi ladies,

One of my church members (also a loctician w/10-years experience) has very nice, healthy looking locs that are mid-back length. I inquired about what she uses to wash & care for them, and she told me she washes with 'Design Essentials Organic Cleanse -- Oat Protein & Henna'. She also recommended 'Design Essentials Hydrate Leave-in conditioner.' I was excited to try them, but then looked at the sulfates in the shampoo, and the dimethicone & simethicone in the conditioner. Both of them also have an array of natural ingredients, but I have heard that both chemicals are to be avoided.

Should I stay away from both products? Any one ever use them in their locs? I researched the brand, and it is marketed to African natural hair, which I find odd (odd that they used the sulfates) given all of the research that the company seems to have conducted into Black hair care.
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    Usually, the concern with cones is build-up, especially if you are using sulfate-free cleansers. Cones can be difficult to remove with typical low/no poos, and so can weigh hair down and pull out curl as they build up.

    That being said, not everyone thinks cones are evil. Some curlies will use them in moderation and not find substantial buildup, others find they help achieve the desired look and are willing to clarify with sulfates every once in a while to remove buildup. It all depends on what you want from your hair.

    Personally, I avoid the cones because my hair is fine and tends to get build up very easily. I don't like using sulfates (they dry my hair out quickly, even in diluted form), so I avoid them both. But there are plenty of curlies of all textures on this board who embrace cones, and simply research what they will need to use to remove them.

    The Science-y Hair Blog has some great information on silicones, I highly recommend reading up on them!
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    I'm with Joonlily. The problem with silicones is that they don't come off the hair very easily. You generally have to use a sulfate shampoo to get them off, and sulfate shampoos are really stripping to the hair. This means that the hair actually gets dried out over time and therefore loses its curl. The hair texture itself might appear to be healthy, because silicones coat the hair and give it a nice shine and slip. But underneath, the hair might be very dry.

    Having said that, I will note that some people actually swear by silicones, because they add a layer of protection to hair and help reduce breakage due to friction. So it's really an individual thing.

    I did go to Amazon to find the ingredients for the shampoo you mentioned (I couldn't find the complete ingredients on the Design Essentials site). I see that that it does contain some pretty strong sulfates as the second and third ingredients, so I would say that the shampoo has a high potential for stripping your hair. If you really want to try the shampoo and conditioner, I would go ahead and try it, but be on the lookout for dry hair and loss of curl due to the sulfates in the shampoo. It's really about being educated as to what silicones and sulfates do, because then you can monitor your hair and make changes if something isn't going well.

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