How do I get back my curly ends?

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I'm Brooklinn and i am 14. And I have never worn my hair down curly. I only wear it down straight and that is mostly every two weeks which is horrible to me. I am embarrassed to wear it down because i fear my hair wont look presentable. My sister has always told me that i cant wear it down because it isnt long enough to look "normal" and I have always had that mindset. I have never permed it or relaxed it or dyed it so its just normal.

I get hair cuts which i see my hair growth afterwards but since I wear my curly hair in buns and pony tails, I start to see my ends straightening out and the middle of my hair matted from the way i would tie my hair tightly.

I really need help and i dont know anything about my hair considering my parents dont know anything about it :/.

I would tell you what hair type I am but i am not sure right now especially with my curls disappearing. I really want to wear my hair down curly ffor once going into sophomore year of high school. Please help. Thank you.


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    I'm guessing that if you are seeing your curls disappear after wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun, you probably have wavy hair, or type 2. Many of us wavies lose our curl when we pull or hair back, or even just tuck it behind our ears. It can be maddening!

    I would think that for you, technique would be important. I would recommend taking a look at this thread where various techniques for dealing with curly hair are posted:

    Another thing I would recommend is getting the book Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. She recommends co-washing in that book, which is washing with conditioner, but you can still use gentle shampoos if you like. The book is valuable because it outlines the differences between curly and straight hair and where we need to change our technique so that we get the most out of our curls.

    I have often felt that wavy-haired people have it hard in that we have to make a choice every day whether to wear our hair wavy or straight. Either we accentuate the waves or else we straighten our hair, but we have to do something to make our hair show up clearly on one side of the spectrum. Otherwise, our hair seems half curly and half straight and doesn't look good.
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