Any other 3B/3C/4As with no baby hair?

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I have been natural for over a month now and my roots (which haven't been exposed to heat as long as the rest of my hair) are starting to revert to their natural curl pattern. Looking at the shape of the curls, I would say that I am going to be primarily 3B/3C with a small patch of 4A/4B at my nape. However when I look up natural hair videos on youtube all of the girls with my hair type have baby hair and their hair is usually much oilier and shinier than mine. They look like the girls with "good hair" that I knew in high school. My hair has never had any of those characteristics even before I started straightening it. Are there any other 3s out there with no baby hair, very little shine, and hair that is not naturally oily? (Hair that does not fit the stereotype of good hair?) Or have I mistyped myself?

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    Short answer, yes. "Baby hair" and shine have nothing to do with curl patterns.
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    Yes! I dont have baby hair on the top of my hairline only on the sides of my face so i cant do that cute "laid baby hair" thing :(

    But like the previous poster said your curl type isnt affected by baby hair it is only based on the size and shape of your individual curls.

    Ive always had an oily scalp/forehead too n still no baby hair lol so were all made different 💕

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