Help! Hairdryers available in UK (Scotland)

Hi! In a few weeks I’ll be moving to the UK, more specifically to Inverness, Scotland, and I am in desperate need of a new hair dryer and diffuser!
I’ve been searching on , superdrug, and boots, but i could really use some advice on this, there are just so many options!
I’m thinking of buying the Diva XL Diffuser or the Babyliss Pro 3 in 1 diffuser, in case the hair dryer doesn’t come with one, because those are the ones available at these stores.

So , if you guys have any recommendations for a good hairdryer, and also a good diffuser, i would really appreciate it! Thanks :)


  • curlylaneycurlylaney Posts: 4Registered Users
    I have the Diva dryer (the pink one) from sally express with the matching diffuser. Its like ok..As good as anything in its price range in the states. I used to have a solano when I lived back home. I'm in n ireland now. I'm considering getting the new GHD dryer at some stage, even though its pricey.. The diffuser doesn't look super impressive on it though, its just a very powerful dryer. It depends on your hair length. The good things about the Diva one is that its big enough to hold long thick hair and has a lot of "fingers". The medium heat setting on it is a bit too hot for my taste. It does have a low (cool) setting as well as a cold shot button, and two speeds. For the price its good I suppose. I have the deva diffuser also (devacurl) and I struggle using it with my dryer because that medium setting is too darn hot. I mostly use it to dry my roots, thats it.. If you're looking for any products over here, I just got the Boucleme range and its incredible!

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