Powerless Curls in the Lenge

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first please be patient, english is not my natural language, ask if you don't understand.

Here my routine:

- No brush my hair on wet or dry hair (perhaps 1-2 x month)
- On wet hair only brush with fingers
- I wash my hair with Shikakai, Amla, Reetha, Methi, Hibiscus, Tulsi, Honey with Teaspoon (1, 2, 0.5, 1, 1, 1, 2) with 10 Tablespoon hot water for a couple of hours, than i filter it in nylon and take the water in a applicator and use it on my hair for 10-15 minutes.

- In the lenght i do a conditioner bar (diy) ingrediences: Cocoa butter, kurquat, cetylalcohol, honey and avocado oil (i wash it out with water!), it makes my hair sooooo soft, like feather :-)

- i do a little bit of the conditioner bar in my hair and don't rinse it again!

- I do 6 Drops of my Hair oil in the lenght

- I make my styling gel self! It works great! (no flax seed!)

- I use a diffusor, but cold air not works with my curls in the lenght, only hot air, i try it with the highest and the middle of temperature.

- I try to don't touch the hair after they drying.

- I don't have time for plopping.

- I make pineappling for the night. It works, but not for the lengh.

- I wash my hair after 5 Days! And it works for me!

I had in January 2015 a bad perm (curls), the stylist must make it again, and it's not working (the stylist don't listen to me, because my hair needs the strongest perm liquid, i do perm since years and i am not stupid!), than in july i got my second (thirth) perm form another stylist, bad idea, they make all the mistakes you can make it as a stylist. My hair broke at the hairline.

Okay, that was the past. But my Hair was in a so realllllllyyyy bad status, it was so bad, i cry a long time. Because i looks like i have dry afrohair (i hope its okay to say it), but i have european hair.

Now i have the rest of the perms in my hair, i got haircuts, but i have perhaps 50% of the perms in my Hair.

Now the best part hehe.

I get really strong curls in my Hair, really really strong! Powerful, silky, shiny, moisturising curls. Nobody can say me again, that naturally curls can't shine like a mirror hehe. Yeayyyy my curls do it! For the first time, i think that is fatty hair, but it's not possible that the curls can looks like this! No fatty hair! Really moisturising and powerfull.

Buuuuut. The Perms. 50% in the rest of my lengh. Strongless, powerless, not shiny, not really moisturising.

I don't know what i can do. I can't haircut my hair too short, it not works with the form of my face, and i make money with my hair, and get lost money or job, if i cut it too short.

I don't use commercial products. I do it all myself. Only the indian herbs i have it from khadi (shikakai, amla, reetha).

I can't use heavy oils, because, i use the indian herbs. I don't want to use a shampoo to wash oils or so out.

I want do looks great, not like a ape, or a woman they don't care of her hair. I think i do much to want healthy hair, but it not works for my damage hair, and for this reason, i need your wisdom and knowledge for that.

Please help me to get the damage lengh a little bit curlier, or to style it, that works, so long, i can cut all the damage lenght of my hair.

I think you have tips, that i don't know. I think i need 1-2 Years, to get all the damage hair to cut.

Thanks for reading my bad english text and i hope you have the "holy grail" for me. :-)


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    Damaged hair benefits from both protein and moisture. A homemade recipe for gelatin can be found here:
    Science-y Hair Blog: Recipes and Projects
    I don't use the apple cider vinegar, just gelatin and water.
    For moisture, I'd recommend using deep conditioning and also the squish to condish method when washing your hair, when you use conditioner:
    Squish to Condish: The Curl-Enhancing Technique You Need to Try Today
    There's a video at the bottom.
    If you're into self made recipes, you may also want to try fenugreek to moisturize your hair, and fermented rice water. You can google it to find recipes.
    But damaged hair will never be as healthy as virgin hair. Eventually it must all be cut off. However it can be improved with moisture and protein.

    Super baby fine hair, low porosity
    Shampoos: SM Fruit Fusion (mostly), Avalon lemon (to clarify). Occasional aloe vera and glycerin to wash.
    Stylers: Intelligent Nutrients Perfect Hold Hairspray
    Treatments: Catnip tea, IA girl's PT, Fermented Rice Water, Catnip Tea, Amla tea, Irish Moss, SS PT

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