Second Chances

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We've all had those products that we tried, disliked (or just couldn't figure out), and tossed aside, only to later reconsider them. What are some of yours?

Personally, I would have to say I am continuously feeling this way about the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner, the Curls Unleashed Leave-In and Curl Boosting Jelly, and now the SheaMoisture Manuka and Mafura Oil Hair Masque.

Mixed Chicks was the very first curly hair product I used when I started wearing my hair naturally with no heat, so maybe I just want it to work for sentimental reasons. But I certainly consider it whenever I pass it in stores.

The Curls Unleashed products didn't really fail me. Thinking back, I used these shortly after Mixed Chicks, at a time when I didn't really know how to apply products. I keep reconsidering because I now know how to apply products properly for good results (and I miss the smell of them!).

The SheaMoisture Manuka and Mafura Oil Hair Masque was thick, and made my hair tangle. With deep conditioners, I like creamier, smoother formulations, so I tossed it. But recently I purchased and tried the JBCO masque, and it is just as thick. However, with water, it was fairly decent with detangling, which makes me think that the m&m one might be the same (and I really liked the smell).

What about you guys? What are some products you've been reconsidering lately? Is it for sentimental reasons, the cute packaging, or new knowledge that could possibly lead to it working well for you?
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    I do this all. The. Time. For me, I keep the bottles instead of throwing them out (huge product graveyard) and revisit occasionally, only to shake my head and say there was a reason I tossed them aside in the first place!

    Just did this a few days ago with deva curl. Supercream is the only thing that has slightly worked for my hair from that line. The gel doesn't hold my hair and it also dries my hair to a crisp. Lol. Even though I knew that I decided to try everything again because some people get amazing results. Not me ha ha! I promptly washed my hair immediately.

    Shea moisture products, like the curl enhancing smoothie, are products I keep trying but they don't really work for me as well. I want the CES to work but it's like heavy nothing in my hair. Possibly I haven't found the most effective way to use it, but I don't like finicky products, which is how I'd classify KCCC, another product I don't use but keep around.
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    I recently revisited the Weleda Hair Conditioning Oil. I had tried it last year to try to keep frizz at bay on second-day hair, but it always left my hair greasy, even if I used only a couple of drops.

    Recently, my hair was super dry, and I thought that doing an oil pre-poo might help. I used the regular suspects (sunflower, coconut, argan), but nothing really improved. Then I remembered this little guy. I put a few drops on my hair as a sealer, and I finally had a decent hair day. It was still a little oily, though. So I decided to use it like I used to use argan oil in winter: a few drops on dry hair at night so that it has time to sink in. I did this for a couple of days and could feel my strawlike hair get softer! (I had gone overboard on a protein treatment.) It was quite amazing. I've actually got a few drops in my hair right now as a pre-poo and will be washing it out tonight or tomorrow morning. I find it to be much more penetrating than other oils that I have used on my hair. Apparently, I just wasn't using it the best way for my fine hair.

    I know what you mean about wanting something to work for sentimental reasons. I always fondly think of certain products when I am out shopping, because they were the first products I used when I wore my hair wavy. But I know that the products I have now work better, so I don't buy. I just send them good thoughts from afar. :)
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    SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I think I've had this jar for 2 yrs. Couldn't bear to toss it bc so many like it. I knew I had to be missing something. And I was. It's great for my summer routine (antihumectant).

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    For me its the Devacare Low poo and the Devacare One Condition I was using it 2months ago and it just made my hair awful and feeling super dried out so I said nope and stopped using it.

    Just this past week I started using them again to use them up but its been a whole turn around and my hair doesn't feel that dried out after using them!!!
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