Shout out to all the great stylists out there

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I went in this morning for a cut with my wonderful curly hair stylist Jenn Canning, and I thought it would be nice to take a moment to appreciate the hard work they do. Almost all of us have had bad haircuts, stylists who were completely confused by our hair, stylists who have tried to "fix" it rather than helping us embrace our curls...

So thanks to every salon and stylist who takes the time to listen to their clients, and understand that each of us have different goals for our hair. Jenn makes it a point to make sure that what she does works with my routine (which is lazy), and that her cut addresses the particular properties of my hair, rather than trying to force me in to a curly mold.

Anyone else have a great stylist that deserves extra kudos?
2a canopy, 2c/3a everywhere else
Medium porosity/density
Modified CG since 2014

  • Low-poo: SM fruit fusion/ SM coconut hibiscus
  • Conditioner: Rotating SM and Deva One Condii
  • LI: SM Curl & style milk
  • Styler/Gel: Cantu curl activator, Deva UDG

  • Experimenting with protein and lightweight oils, so far my hair LOVES PROTEIN. (IAGirl Protein treatment)
  • DIY addict

Working on loving my hair, no matter what kind of a day it's having.

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