Chronic acne with Iron Deficiency

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I've had some pretty rough acne off and on for the past maybe 15 years or so. I've done everything, including Accutane. But that's too extreme for me now. My doctor commented on my acne firing my last checkup and I was embarrassed because I thought my makeup covered it. He prescribed my some benzoyl peroxide gel with clyndamicin, but he also told me due to shine health problems he suspected an iron deficiency. So he put me on iron.

I didn't really use the acne gel since I've been prescribed the crap before to no avail. It always heals "just enough" of the acne like every other solution- I haven't had a perfectly clear face since maybe 11 or 12 years old. Even with Accutane my face and scaring cleared maybe 90% and it was short lived.

Well after about a week on iron my face cleared up. Deep cysts kind if deflated and flattened. The deep fried out pimples came out and didn't build back up. There are no more white heads. The skin completely has smoothed out. I can run my fingers over my cheeks and forehead and it's soft. It looks smooth

I've only been on iron maybe 2 and a half or 3 weeks, and I don't really see the need for the acne gel I was prescribed. I just take my iron at night. And I even added more iron rich foods to my diet now that I know I'm anemic.

But I don't know what the relation is to acne. I take active birth control all the way through, so I don't have. I have always been a big carnivore. I'm just anemic anyway, until the doctor figures out why. But apparently now that I'm on iron to treat it, my face is clear.

I'm sure there aren't studies that have proven that there is a correlation, but if you are looking for solutions, it may be worth a try to find out if there's a connection. Obviously I'm not giving medical advice n just suggesting if you feel there is a link you may want to find out. It could make a difference. I am going to get blood the end of the month to see if the anemia improved. Hopefully if he takes me off the iron my face will still be clear.

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    Diet can play a huge role in solving skin issues so it makes sense that having an iron deficiency worsened your acne. I find that my skin looks a lot better when I take an EFA supplement and cut down on my coffee intake. Dr. Perricone has built a career on a healthy diet and supplements to clear up acne. This worked for me. I previously tried Proactiv, which actually caused me to break out. Sometimes the solution is simple and inexpensive. Glad you've found something that works.

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    Skin issue should be treated in complex: so you need to follow several rules,eating only healthy food without fatty or sweet products. No smoking as it can worsen the condition. The cause can be in hormonal imbalance or deficiency of some vitamin. First of all, it is better to find out the reason. If you know the cause, it will be easier
    to get rid of acne. In any case, you need to treat it not only internally but also externally and using natural homemade remedies will be the best possible choice. For example, tea tree oil or coconut oil as well as aloe vera. you can use such simple remedies as apple cider vinegar or baking soda.
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    some signs and symptoms of iron deficiency are: (the ones you mentioned are not as broad as these), fatigue, weakness, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, exercise intolerance, chest pain, and cold intolerance. also fast heart beat (above 100bpm when resting), loss of libida, pale skin

    anemia itself can be broken down into 4 different categories.

    the only true way to determine if you have anemia is to get a blood test to test the size of your red blood cells, hemoglobin levels, hematocrit levels, etc.

    some risk factors are: bleeding in your intestines (pooping blood), peptic ulcers, celiacs sprue (malabsorption of foods), trauma with blood loss, menstruation, decrease dietary intake, greater than 65 years old, diet high in substances that bind with iron (Ca+), chronic inflammation, endurance sports, frequent blood donations, strict vegan diet.

    -this is only the risk factors for iron deficiency anemia.