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So, I *think* I'm a 2b. This app won't let me post a pic for confirmation on that, so I'll try again later. Any who... My hair was stick straight when I was younger, and I guess the wave came on over the years because I only discovered a month ago that my hair was wavy enough to wear wavy if that makes sense. I've been doing the curly girl method for a couple of weeks, and I've had a lot of bad days. My hair doesn't like gel in any amount it seems. It just looks stringy. My hair is low porosity and fine, but there's a lot of it. Anyway, my question is what would be good to try since gel isn't my friend? I've spent more money on my hair in the past two weeks than I had in the previous five years, so I don't want to waste money guessing what might be good. Admittedly, up until a few months ago, I was only getting hair cuts every 18months. I never dried it, curled it, or anything. I've been a lazy SAHM with a habit of just putting up my sopping wet hair and leaving it up all day. Pretty sure the front of my hair has permanent loss from all those years of being up nearly 24/7, and I'm wondering if torturing my hair like that for so long contributed to the top layer of my hair being straighter in some spots. Particularly the front. A lot of the time my hair looks awesome from the back, but the front just looks like I forgot to brush it or something. So, suggestions on products welcome. I really want to embrace this wavy hair because if I could get it right, it would be a hell of a lot easier (and less damaging) than blow drying straight then curling. Oh, and I also do not color my hair if that makes any difference product wise.

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    What kind of shampoo are you using? Conditioner? Low-poos are too harsh for my hair on a regular basis so now I use Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner (MBCC for short) for Curly Hair - It's my holy grail. I follow up with Alaffia Beautiful Curls Leave-In Conditioner, and because I've been doing CG for so long my hair has a great balance of sebum throughout it (without making my scalp/roots greasy).

    My suggestion is to check your shampoo first - Usually when you are struggling with CG it's due to a few things. First is that you've only been doing this for a few weeks, so the scalp and hair are still sort of "recalibrating" because you went from what I would assume was a harsher sulfate shampoo (strips away all the oil in the hair and scalp) to using something that may only take away some of the oil. So the scalp itself is still over-producing sebum, so that can take time to get rid of. Be patient during the transition process, because it's the hardest part.

    Secondly the conditioner - I've stopped using a rinse-out conditioner since starting the MBCC because it replaces my shampoo and rinse-out conditioner, it doesn't strip away healthy oil my scalp naturally makes (it basically just cleans the excess). You can always try diluting your shampoo (sulfate free) to make it a bit less harsh, and be mindful not to apply conditioner on or near your scalp/roots as that will weigh your hair down and contribute to buildup.

    Washing less - You work up to this, and may not ever be able to go 3-4 days without a wash, but every second day is about the minimum if you can manage. If you're working out/sweating daily, rinsing with just water on the in-between shampoo days is going to be better than over-shampooing or over-conditioning.

    As for not liking gels, my hair doesn't like them either, so when I needed a styler with hold, I used a mousse. There are many decent ones out there, but I used Herbal Essences Totally Twisted or Aussie's Aussome Volume. Both of them are really cheap, however I found they didn't offer a ton of hold, so you may want to look for something that offers a stronger hold if you feel your hair needs it. There is also Devacurl's Styling Cream which I feel is a decent styler with some hold. Devacurl also has a mousse as well. Devacurl is quite expensive though (as is MBCC, but well worth it in my opinion).
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    I feel your pain regarding having straight sections in the front with all the great curl in the back! I've resigned myself to just having multiple curl patterns on my head, but I will also say that after two years of Curly Girl I've seen a lot of improvement in my overall hair health and curl pattern (even on the straighter canopy sections). So you might see more change as you continue!

    As far as products, have you tried any cream stylers? There are lots of options out there, but I like the Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk, Cantu Curl Activator (both under $10, and they carry them at Target and some drug stores), and Deva Coconut Curl Styler (much more expensive, but a little goes a long way). My hair is also fine, average porosity, and so I have to be careful about adding only a little bit of product to my hair at a time so it doesn't get weighed down. I usually dilute them with a little water when I apply, and I put them on my hair when it is wet.

    I've also discovered protein really helps give my curls support and structure. You can DIY very cheaply, and I highly recommend the Science-y Hair recipe. If you decide to do protein, just start with a mild treatment to see how your hair reacts.

    Plopping has also been a huge help in getting more curls to form and hold throughout my hair. That might help the front section.

    Also, this thread has a bunch of great links to explore when you're trying to get a handle on all of the options out there.

    Good luck! And welcome to the wavy club!
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