Confused what porosity I am

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I've come to the realization I might be wrong about my porosity and figured I would post here as I think I'm actually "high" porosity and not low. Here's some characteristics about my hair:

1. Takes roughly 3-4 hours to fully dry, that's WITH products like a leave-in conditioner and gel.

2. Is very dry with lots of flyaways around the crown of my head.

3. Does not like shea butter or heavy oils as it makes hair weighed down and oily looking.

4. Will suck up the moisture in the air when it's very humid. My hair will literally poof out and become extremely frizzy.

5. Notice a lot of breakage when washing my air or scrunching in products.

I used to blow-dry my hair religiously and dyed it quite a bit before I let my hair do it's own thing again. I'm wondering if all that heat and/or chemicals really damaged my hair. Hoping someone on here can give me some good advice in terms of what porosity my hair could be and any products I could use that won't weigh my hair down :)


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    If you think your hair is damaged, you could try a conditioner with protein in it, probably some kind of hydrolyzed protein that will be able to penetrate the hair. That was what gave me the most improvement in my porosity issues and breakage. You may need to try a few different types of protein before one works well for you. I tried several until I found one that helped.

    For protecting against the "poof factor," I had luck with using a thick texturizer, as crazy as it sounds (I have very fine hair). I used one from InnerSense called Whipped Creme Texturizer. It has some heavy stuff in it, but I seem to do OK as long as I use it on wet hair and don't use too much. But my hair doesn't mind butters; maybe your hair wouldn't like it. (My hair cannot handle liquid oils as sealers.)
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    I am going to bounce this as this is a similar problem to mine.

    I need a moisturizing quencher that helps with frizz and dryness on day 2-3 wash and go.

    Not sure of porosity. Seems to be a mix.

    I have tried some protein treatments... HAY HAIR!!
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    I’m super new to trying hair products but I also had a similar issue with oils and hair masks.

    I used coconut oil and a hair mask in the shower once (my friend let my try them) and my hair ended up being so tacky and disgusting feeling I had to completely wash it out with shampoo.

    The shampoo bar I’ve been using seems to hydrate my hair a lot, but I don’t know what I should use on a daily/ regular basis to keep my frizz under control.

    I work at a fast food place right now and when I tell you I had four inches of hair standing straight up on my head from frizz I am 100% serious. It’s so embarrassing, especially because my boss can tell how busy I was that day based on how frizzy my hair is 😭

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