Hi there! Changing my mind about hair type...

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Hey everyone! I'm excited to be here. I thought I knew my hair but recently discovered that I was probably wrong.

I'm a natural redhead but had much lighter blonde hair as a kid, and it was straight and fine. By the time I was 11 it had become much redder, thicker, coarser, and "poofy." Looking back, I think it was becoming wavy but I didn't know. My whole life, I've brushed my hair after I washed it, and would continue brushing and combing it as it dried, trying to get it to stop being so darn fluffy.

Once I came across hair typing, I thought my hair was probably 1c. Last week, I finally did a true hair typing test - shampooed, no conditioner, didn't brush my hair when wet, not even finger-combing it - heck, I didn't even push it back from my face because I really wanted accurate results. I was completely floored to watch it dry and see this waves start curling up. It was so weird.

I'm a member over at the forum Long Hair Community and most members there guessed I was 2b/2c, though I wonder if I'm really curly enough for 2c. I'd love to get input. I attached a photo of what I thought my hair was, a big fluffy mess, and what happened when I did the test. I also attached a photo from a long time ago, the last time my hair was really long. I think my hair might be different now, but it gives you some idea of it longer. :)

As an aside, my hairs are about as thick as a single toothbrush bristle. I have a lot of hair - hairdressers comment on it every time. My hair is also very smooth. I can run my fingers up and down a single strand and it's silky both ways. I recently did a henna/cassia mix to liven up my faded red and I think it's made my hair smoother.

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