Bantu knot outs

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What products does everyone use for these? I'm loving the style. But my hair gets frizzy within an hour. I'm currently using olive oil ors smooth n hold pudding layered over cantu Shea coconut curling cream. My other problem is that the back of my head doesn't curl well in Bantu knots. Maybe I'm just using the wrong product?
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    It could be technique. The only method that has worked for me is the way mini Marley does it. However I find Bantu knots difficult to sleep in so I only did her method once. It was cute though.
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    Maybe try flaxseed gel to hold the style. If the style won't curl in the back try making them smaller.
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    I think that the trick would be to do them on wet hair and to not take them down until they are totally and fully dry.

    When I do them, I use the same leave in and sealants as for my wash and go, but for setting I use aloe vera gel which has a very soft hold.

    It is among my most favourited styles but the problem is that it takes about 24 hours to dry fully so I can only do it on weekends. It usually turns out fairly nice, but it could have been even nicer if I had denser hair :cry:

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