Some Helpful Solutions To Your Dry Hair Problems

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Hi y'all! it's Mimi. we've not been having much activity here and most questions go unanswered. So as a teen natural hair blogger at "Natural Hair Teens" I've decided to share some tips that I've already written on my blog with you.

I've shared my blog address here before and the response was great. I totally understand how hard it is to find teen naturals to relate to which is also why I do question & answers sessions on my blog. You just ask me your various questions or requests and I'll post answers or even do a special post on that topic for you.

Okay, for the dry hair tips:

1) 10 Dry Hair And Breakage Tips

This posts outlines simple solutions to dry hair that you can incorporate into your hair journey easily.

2) 4 Diy Deep Conditioners For Dry Hair

This tells you the difference between the signs your hair needs a moisture treatment aka deep conditioning and the signs your hair needs a protein treatment. It includes 3 great moisture recipes and 1 protein treatment recipe.

3) How To Make An Oil Shampoo For Dry Hair

This is a very simple 2 ingredient recipe to combat that stripped feeling you get after using shampoo. Also with this recipe, there's no need to do things like oil rinse after using it.

I hope these posts will help. I'd love to hear back from you here or on my blog. I'm also at [email protected] if you want to send an email instead :)

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