Natural Hairstylist, what to expect?

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So... I've gave up on relaxers and straightening my hair about a year and a half ago. The transition phase is over, and now I'm left with a giant puff I have no idea how to maintain. I tried Youtube and at home remedies, but I fear I'm not doing it right. I'm still amazed that my hair grew without much effort, but I can't ignore how dry my hair is any longer and I want to take better care of it.

Okay, story time. The last few days have been difficult, since I made an appointment with a stylist at a salon I liked during my hair straightening days; this stylist claims to be experience with natural hair. I didn't want anything fancy, just a simple wash, trim, and maybe a twist out or something. Easy, right? After hours of being in that salon I got the dreaded, "This is not how I expected it to turn out." It was frizzy. He tried again, still frizzy. He tells me that my hair is extremely textured and strange. It's natural! No coloring, no artificial flavors, nothing! He tried again with a perm rod set, and still frizzy!!!! I ask him what my hair type is, porosity level, and all that; he didn't know what I was talking about, and sort of guesstimated and had me participate in the guessing by showing my a hair chart. I'm never going back.

That was my first natural hair stylist, and maybe my expectations were too high, because in my relaxer, straightening, even braiding days, I had stylist simply examine your hair thoroughly and understand what they're suppose to do to get the WOW result, even if it was something simple. They told me the health of my scalp, and where the damage is, and pick products to help heal those problem areas as well as give my hair the nourishment it needs based on what they observed before styling. I didn't get any of that with this guy, and he uses the same products on everyone (I was there for hours and watched him with other clients).

Clearly, I'm frustrated, and more so when I look in the mirror at this frizzy mess I paid for. I just want to know what should I expect from a natural hairstylist who knows his/her stuff? What should I watch out for? Also, does a natural stylist need a few salon visits and hair experimentation to "get to know" your hair, like how this guy told me?


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    maybe his experience with natural hair is straightening it??? they all say they have experience and strictly speaking, that is most likely true, but how many of them enjoy working with natural hair and know what to do with it?

    here is a great thread started by a stylist on here years ago:

    the best way to find a great stylist is to look around you everywhere you go and stop any and all naturals whose hair you admire and ask where they get it cut. they will be flattered and you will hopefully have found a great stylist.

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    He is currently new to that salon, and openly claims to be experience with natural hair. During the visit, he's trying to promote himself on Facebook and asking me to Facebook him, along with trying to show me pictures of natural styles he done on family members at home. However, you're right. The clients I did see him with during the few visits only asked for relaxers and straightening.

    Also, that thread you link me to, I read it and I feel so upset with myself for not reading it sooner. The salon I went to was a popular chain, mistake one. He was getting very frustrated with how long my hair was taking to dry, felt I should have been gone before his next client showed up; that should have been my hint to leave. He didn't know the basic information, even though he claims to work with natural hair for a few decades and very skilled with natural styling.

    Thanks for this link, I'll definitely ask around as the thread suggest.
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    we all have regrets, but now you have knowledge and can get better info/haircutting..... i'm guessing aft least 99% of us on nc have had bad experiences with stylists.

    yes, it's a great thread, right? so now your hair will grow and you will have more info to look for a stylist. i truly believe the best way, the only way, is to stop curlies and ask. i've done it in the past and have had so many people ask me now (i have been lucky to find a wonderful stylist) and i'm always flattered when they do. makes my day!!

    let me know how it goes.

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    Many of us avoid salons.
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    I would buy a hair analysis from Goosefootprints on Etsy to learn your properties. Unfortunately, the basics aren't taught in cosmetology school, even among stylists who specialize in curly, kinky, and natural hair. Depending on your hair, I would look for a stylist who is okay with working with super curly to afro hair in unstraightened styles. These stylists usually provide great haircuts though they don't always style well.

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