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Hey guys. I stumbled across this forum completely by accident about a week or two ago searching for something about frizzy hair probably, when I was having (another) awful hair day. I always knew my hair had curl/wave to it, because it would clump and spiral into beautiful gentle s waves in the shower when I had conditioner in, but any time I would try and let it dry naturally, it would turn into a giant frizz ball. So of course I would brush it and run my hands through it a zillion times with anti-frizz serums as it was drying so it would dry pretty much straight in the front, but weird wavy poofy in the back. Sometimes it would dry nice if I put it up in a bun or a low pony, but even then it just wasn't really working. Good hair days were a fluke every once in a blue moon.

I'm also that person who wants to put the least amount of work possible in and have nice hair.. I figured I should probably just stop fighting it and let it be curly like it wants to, so here comes the giant learning curve.

From what I can tell so far, I have somewhere between normal-high porosity (I've been dying my hair for probably 10 years now); it takes on water very quickly but takes FOREVER to dry. Even in its naked, natural state, it will take hours to dry. So I'm a little bit confused there. The elasticity seems to be just fine, it'll stretch about 20% then go right back to where it was with no breakage or weirdness to it. I can do that several times in a row with no issues (yay!) As far as hair type, I think I am somewhere around 2c/3a depending on what part of my hair it is, the day, and what product I have in it. It's relatively sleek and straight on the very bottom layer, sometimes in the very front as well. I have some spiral curls and what I fondly refer to as "tornado spirals" on each side, and some random wave throughout.

I'm still unsure about protein and moisture levels honestly. My biggest issue that I'm having is frizz, still (I know, I'm still very new to this and it will take time to get the product and technique right). If I scrunch, it will frizz. Every time. No matter what is or isn't in it, with the exception of letting it gather gently on a tshirt and kind of pressing it up to my head - not really scrunching, but gathering and pressing, if that makes sense. That seems to work the best, but I also lose a ton of volume and curl if I do it that way. I've tried the super soaker method, but while it clumps nicely, I lose a lot of volume and curl that way too. Doing anything upside down results in frizz when drying. I've plopped for 5-20 minutes, and I've plopped overnight. Still frizzy when I take it out and let it dry. I think it's mostly surface frizz with some crimped/wiry frizz in there too.

I've tried gel and mousse and hair spray and everything in between, still can't get rid of the frizz.

Right now I'm using some Shea Moisture products because from what I thought, my hair took heavy product really well. It's nearly impossible to weigh it down with oils (argan, moroccan, etc). I could probably dump a whole bottle on my head and not be greasy. Coconut oil makes it greasy and semi-crunchy within about an hour, though. I know Shea Moisture is different than oils, but I'm basically second guessing everything at this point and I'm kind of lost.

I did wash one last time with a sulfate shampoo.

Thanks for listening to my novel, guys. I'm glad to be here and hopefully I'll keep learning and finally find what works for my mess. :)

Suggestions welcome!


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    woo, your hair is so hard to product. Use some Vitamin oil will be great.
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    Welcome! Frizz is a very, very common factor for a lot of us, even when our hair is otherwise happy and healthy. It can be confusing and overwhelming to try and figure out what is causing the frizz fun, but there are a few common factors that might help:
    - Dews/Humidity (These can impact the type of products that will work in your hair to reduce frizz)
    - Moisture/protein (you've already mentioned these, but often they are the culprit for frizz)
    - Product ingredients (like you said, this will take trial and error to figure out, because everyone's hair has different preferences for ingredients)
    -Product application

    So, I'd start by reviewing your wash day routine, to give your hair the best foundation to work on. You can try pre-poo (IA Girl has a simple DIY recipe here, which you can modify as you find the oils your hair responds to). If your curls need extra support (if your hair is fine or color damaged, this is often the case), you can try a light protein treatment (IA Girl again, or look for other recipes here). Start with a diluted, short treatment to see how your hair responds.

    Next, when you are conditioning in the shower, pay attention to your technique. Many curlies find that the "squish to condish" method helps encourage curl, definition, and moisture, so that their hair is ready for the products that come after.

    You can also try different methods of applying your styling products. Praying hands, rake & shake, and scrunching are all methods you can find here. I also find that I get more frizz if my hair isn't fully saturated with water when I apply product. Like you, I'm a low-maintenance gal, and hate spending a lot of time on my hair, but I have found that thoroughly wetting it before scrunching helps tame the frizz. I know you have done the super soaker method, so perhaps you'll find more success with the Ice Queen or Scrunch & Pump methods.

    You can try clipping to get more volume as your hair dries. I've also started parting my hair on a different side, which improves volume as well. Lastly, once you've applied your product on wet hair, don't touch it until it's fully dry. (I say that as a confessed hair twirler).

    I know that's a lot of suggestions! Feel free to use or ignore as suits your needs.
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    • Experimenting with protein and lightweight oils, so far my hair LOVES PROTEIN. (IAGirl Protein treatment)
    • DIY addict

    Working on loving my hair, no matter what kind of a day it's having.

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