New here; hairstylist destroyed my curls!

sophpsophp Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi! I had sad, flat, worn out hair until about three months ago, when I started following the CG method.

Suddenly I found myself with a head full of ringlets, which was awesome. I went into a salon yesterday and asked for a long pixie cut- with enough length to keep my curls intact- and i got... basically got a bowl cut. my curls have been destroyed- my hair's literally too short/feathered to curl.

I'm calling them when they re-open and asking them to just take everything off. Time for a big chop! :angry7:


  • JoonlilyJoonlily Registered Users Posts: 51
    Oh no! I'm so sorry, a bad haircut is so frustrating!

    How did the big chop go?
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  • SnailmentSnailment Registered Users Posts: 7
    woo, so sad for u. wish you hair can grow more fast and then u can have another hair style.

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