Macadamia leave in treatment

Miss_CMiss_C Registered Users Posts: 22
Smells absolutely gorgeous! I have mixed a few pumps with water to mist my hair when finished. I hope it will help with frizz and leave that lovely smell lingering on my hair!

Has anybody tried this?


  • momfromarsmomfromars Registered Users Posts: 1
    Are you referring to macadamiahair brand product?
    If so I have used the deep hair repair masque as a leave in conditioner due to high frizz. But this line of products contains dimethicones which is a supposed no-no for curly hair. That said it the products from this line do work well. I use sparingly on high frizz days and be sure to clarify shampoo soon after
  • Miss_CMiss_C Registered Users Posts: 22
    That is such a shame! The smell is gorgeous. I have bought macadamia nut oil hoping to try and recreate the smell. I dont think i have any hope though :lol:

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