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I went Curly Girl back in 2009. I noticed an improvement and was OK with my hair until this winter when I got sick of dealing with it wet when it was freezing outside, so I started using hot rollers to straighten it and helped give it a lot of volume. I could get away with not doing anything with it for 4-5 days, which was really nice, but then I didn't want to do too much damage from heat so I started wearing it wavy again.

What I don't like about wearing my hair wavy is that it literally takes ALL day to dry, so most of the day at work, I look like I walked out of the movie Titanic. If I try and diffuse it, it takes forever, and I'm never happy with the results. I get a lot of halo frizz and lose clumping.

I prefer my waves better when my hair air dries, but their is no volume at the top, and I feel like it hangs in my face. I just got a good 4 inches cut off (which I kind of regret) to see if that would help with volume, but it really didn't do much, it looks the same but shorter and a weird middle length.

I think I'd be good if I could get second day hair, but I cannot figure out how to get it without having major frizz and limp curls. I've tried using conditioner, diluting conditioner, adding more gel (which makes it super crunchy and gross), wetting it, wetting it with a combo of gel and conditioner and sleeping with a satin bonnet. Nothing looks good, I just look like I slept on my hair.

I did notice after I got my hair cut, my hair did have some volume that day, which I'm wondering if it's because it was washed. (I don't know if she used a sulfate shampoo.) Right now I'm co-washing every day and then using DevaCurl LowPoo to shampoo once a week.

I use flaxseed hair gel, sometimes I combine it with a hard hold gel but that makes my second day hair even harder to manage, and I've also used it with SheaMoisture Curling Souffle. I think I have low porosity hair since it takes forever to dry. My hair is also very thick. I have it cut into layers, which I think maybe helps with volume.

Any tips you can help me with so I can avoid the temptation to straighten/hot roller? I did just recently ordered Curl Keeper Original since I read that many people get good second day hair with it. What do I do with it for second day hair?

I'm attaching several pics so you can see. Am I a 2a or 2b? You can see how terrible my second day hair looks. The pic with the scarf is when my hair is dry and the I also attached the picture after I got it cut when it had more volume. The next day it went back to how it usually looks. The pic with the white shirt is how it looks every day with no volume and the wet look. This is after air drying for 9 hours, it's still damp.

flaxseed gel_7005.jpg

hairdresser wash.jpg

second day hair.jpg

Long dry hair.jpg


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    I'd say your hair is 2a. For the second day hair issue, have you tried twisting or braiding at night? Prior to bed, for second day hair, I'd spritz my hair with the slightest bit of water (mixed with aloe vera and maybe rose or lavender essential oil for scent) and really the slightest bit because my hair takes forever to dry like yours, then I'd add like a dime size of butter (I'd use my Leighis butter) and then I'd twist or braid it loosely. Since your hair is finer than mine, two french braids or twist would really enhance the curl pattern for the morning. Lastly, I'd wrap it up in the silk bonnet.

    For second day hair, I'd really recommend keeping the gel to a minimum and sticking to a butter for maintenance.

    As for the volume, have you considered protective styling during the day after washing? Your hair is seriously stunning and would look really amazing in a chignon or milkmaid braids, that would give you a chance to dry your hair while still looking refined.

    Let me know how it goes!
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    co-wash and deep condition with leighis butter and tresemme naturals aloe conditioner followed by detangling with wide tooth comb and leighis butter then doing a 4-strand flat twistout
    nightly scalp massage for at least five minutes (with oil mix of castor oil and EVOO once a week) re-twist and wrap nightly as well
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    Hi! I noticed that you said you cowash your hair. I also have waves (mostly 2c), and I have found that cowashing left my hair feeling limp. Have you tried using a sulfate free moisturizing shampoo? They seem to give me the clean that I need without stripping my hair and they don't weigh down my hair. Also, have you considered diffusing with a blow dryer? I used to try to airdry too, and your right..... It takes forever! Clipping at the roots while diffusing can help a little with volume. Good luck! I hope this was a least a little helpful. Let us know if you find something that works for you!
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    Ohhh, I almost forgot. Have you ever tried using only a bit of leave in conditioner to your hair to style? If the gels seems too much, this could be an option.
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    You are not a 2a. You are a 2b.

    2a do not have waves starting that close to the scalp.

    Curl types for reference

    Clipping your roots will help with the volume issue but won't solve it. If your hair is dense and long, it pulls at the scalp making it flat. This in turn can make the hair straighter than it actually is, just because of the weight pulling it down. I have the same problem, though my hair improved vastly in curl retention when I started using Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner and cut out the shampoo almost entirely. Keep in mind that type 2 hair is rarely, if ever, consistent in wave pattern and often 2nd and 3rd day hair will have a slightly looser curl pattern than first day hair (and sometimes the opposite, depending upon your hair's properties).
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    first, i think your hair looks good.

    i agree with the suggestions to leave in a conditioner instead of the flax seed gel. or a different gel. (check the ingredients on curl keeper, not sure if it has a cone) and to use a low poo (non-sulphate shampoo) instead of cowashing.

    you might have to play around with different products.

    have you tried washing at night? sleeping on a stain pillowcase? that might help with not having wet hair during the day and 2nd day hair.

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