Ithaca, NY Curlies: Excellent Deva Stylist!

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A few weeks ago I had my second Deva cut at Transformations in Ithaca (south end, behind Five Guys). They have several Deva-inspired stylists, and Lisa did a fabulous job.

My first Deva cut was at a different salon and I did not notice much of a difference, maybe a little more curl. The end result was also a shapeless blob, nothing like the photo I took in (which matched my hair profile).

Lisa not only gave my hair great shape - following the photo - but boy, did she bring out the curl! My hair is more 2c/3a now, with awesome loose ringlets and (gasp!) 2nd and even 3rd day staying power!

Based on the results I'm getting, I'd make Lisa my regular stylist even if she worked out of a ditch, but luckily Transformations seems like a great place overall. All the staff were friendly with patrons and each other - lots of happy laughter - and everyone else I saw left looking fantastic. (In fact, one color job on gray hair gave me inspiration for my own future.)

The prices are incredibly reasonable, especially considering the technology in the place and the offer of a free beverage while I was there. So, my curly-haired compatriots in the Finger Lakes region, it is very much worth your while to check out Transformations.
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