Bad Haircut

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I transitioned back in highschool, since my senior year without knowing. I didn't know how to manage my hair and hated it so I always had it really short and straightened it frequently, during this year i decided to grow my hair out from collarbone length for senior prom. Flashfoward 2years later and I had midback 2c/3a curls that I loved. It's been 5yrs since I started my transition and I have loved my hair ever since, and always got compliments on it. I have 2b canopy and under have 2c/3a curls and never wore it straight. 2 months ago I decided to cut my hair from midback/under breast length to a shorter upper breast length/mid chest (about 6in) i even brought a picture.... The problem... the hairsalon person went crazy and I have ended up with collarbone/shoulder hair and crazy weird layers on the side of my head up to my ears that stick up...I don't know what to do. Im going crazy, I feel like I'm back to being that person in highschool that hated her hair. I know that hair grows but i can't do 2+ years with hair that i hate and feel self concious about.... and my old hair routine is not working anymore...:cry:


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    Unfortunately, you really only have two options, here:

    1. Get thee to Yelp and research a salon that has EXCELLENT reviews on a *stylist* - not just for the whole salon! - who is good at cutting curly hair. You may need to make a journey to get to the stylist, but trust me. Hand to god, a good stylist is worth their weight in deep conditioner.

    They'll take a look at what's up with your curls (wear your hair down, dry, and styled!) and see if they can mitigate the damage. It will have to go shorter, but they can create a shape that will grow out nicely and not look weird while it's growing!

    2. Do your best, invest in some cute hair clips and headbands, and play the waiting game. Keep your scalp clean, exfoliated, and moisturized to help encourage hair growth and healthy hair strands. Stop using heat products and invest in some good deep conditioner and strengthening products to promote moisturized, strong hair that isn't dry or splitting on the ends so it won't crack and lose any of that growth. Eventually, it will grow back! And once it has... Go do some research on Yelp for a good stylist!

    I'm sorry about your haircut. That is THE WORST! :( Good luck!!
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    Thank you for the advice! Since my haircut I have been natural with hair products, no sulfates, parabens, silicones and no shampoo which I didnt do before. This week its going to be 3 months since the haircut and I have actually learned to accept it and even like. It's about shoulder length so it has grown quite a bit and have even gotten compliments about how this length looks better and healthier. And I will be following your advice on the stylist yet there is only one curly hair stylist in my country but i will be making the journey! :) Thanks again!

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