How much does it take to heat damage hair? 3B-3C

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I'm wondering how much heat does it take to damage hair? I spaced for awhile and I blowdryed my hair maybe 2-3 times (not completely) and now I'm worried I may have damaged it. This is the only heat I've ever used on my hair, I've never straightened it before or anything. I know I'm probably overreacting but thinking that it's irreversible and the only option to fix it is by cutting my hair scares me. :cry:


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    Everyone's hair is different so some hair will be more fragile than another's but I very much doubt that blow-drying 2-3 times has irreparably damaged your hair. My goodness, we would all be bald if that were the case! Think of what is done to model's hair - they get blow-dried practically every day.

    if you think you might enjoy blow-drying it again, buy something to protect against heat, like Tressemme's heat-tamer spray. Most of the protectants do have silicones though, so if you are cg, read the labels carefully to get something without silicones and if you blow dry, keep the dryer on low heat.

    It wouldn't hurt to give yourself a nice moisturizing, conditioning treatment in case you have dried out your hair a little, but feel better - I'd bet money that no permanent damage was done. :thumright:
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    Hey, I understand your concern! I've overreacted everytime I've put minimal heat on my hair (not even enough heat to get my hair straight). No one wants to have to cut their hair due to heat damage. I agree with the poster above. Everyone's hair is different. However, if you have fine hair you're more likely to get heat damage if you continuously use it. If you have thicker hair then you're hair can take a little more heat than fine hair. It's also important not to confuse density (how much hair you have) with thickness. Just because someone has a lot of hair doesn't mean that it's thick, it only appears to be so!
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