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Trying to finally do right by my curly hair. I want some good product but don't really know what to get. I always have my hair up bc I feel like I only get a good hair down look on wash day...BUT I had a baby 7mnths ago & my hair seem dry so I haven't had it down since!

Anyway...I think I'm 3a/b with high/med porosity, med/fine thickness. I'm currently shampooing/conditioning with cheap whatever. Styling with Aveda Be Curly Style Prep & Curl Enhancer. I get good results with these styling products but I'm not wowwed by them. I used to always use gel and found that creams never held my style but these seem to do ok.
I wash my hair 1-2x/week. I'm thinking of starting to use co-wash(As I AM cowash)instead and then using a sulfate-free shampoo once every other week(not sure which yet)? Then use a leave-in conditioner(Curl Junkie Curl Assurance smoothing lotn). I don't know what to try as a styler. Also I've been looking at SheaMoisture Smoothie and wondering if I should give that a go?
So..please give me some feedback/suggestions on if this sounds good & what I should try....

Ps. I'd like to find something that doesn't weight my hair down bc I like volume but I also want something to define & hold my curls but not make them too crunchy


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    hi, :) .

    if you find hair gets weighed down easily sometimes, you might find the As I Am Cowash too heavy since it has 2 types of castor oil in it
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    It's really all experimentation, unfortunately! Everyone's hair is so very different when it comes to products.

    I like the SM CES. It really does define my curls, but it doesn't add crunch. It may make the hair softer with repeated use, so you might want to watch for that and space your uses accordingly.

    I tried the As I Am co-wash and felt like it made my hair limp. The only other co-wash I've tried is the Moisture Cleansing Creme from Oribe, which is expensive but amazing. It does have some protein in it, though, so if you discover that you are protein sensitive, you might want to avoid it.

    I have been enjoying the sylers from Intelligent Nutrients. Word of warning: They are pricey. But the products don't weigh my fine hair down. Even the gel is very light (but it does dry crunchy). I have been especially enjoying the Volumizing Foam lately. It is like a mousse.
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    Ah!-I didn't realize that! Thx
    I really need to figure out which ingredients to stear clear of.
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    Thx for the input! You are right-I'll just have to jump in and see what works for me I guess :)

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