What is my hair type?

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Could you guys please help me identify my hair type. I've typed myself as a 3b w/some 3a hair in the back. I'd really appreciate also appreciate if you could also type my hair in terms of porosity etc so I can start using the correct products for my hair.

Thank you :)


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    It's kind of hard to see the pictures, but from what I sort of saw, I'd agree 3/a (maybe 2b or c-ish too) with some 3b.

    As far as porosity goes, that's something you can't really tell from a picture, but from how your hair responds to products and product application. Also, how quickly your hair dries. Some people can have their hair fully dry in an hour; that's likely to be high porosity hair (depending on the density; high density hair that dries that fast is DEFINITELY high porosity, but if you have low density/thin hair, that could be normal porosity). If your hair takes HOURS to dry (mine needs a good 6 hours to be mostly - not even fully, dry) then it is likely low porosity (but in my case, I have high density/"thick" hair, so my hair has normal porosity, because that's a reasonable drying time for having so much hair).

    How your hair holds products/water helps determine porosity too. People with low porosity often can't handle heavy products, because it just sits on their hair, whereas people with high porosity tend to gravitate towards those heavy products (like butters and thick creams). Normal porosity hair (like mine) can *seemingly* handle really ANY type of product, heavy or light, depending on the amount you use and how you apply it.

    Based off of these things, maybe you'll have a better idea of which porosity your hair seems to have! Naturallycurly.com also has a test for that, but their test doesn't work well for hair like mine that has multiple types, textures and porosities.
    Medium texture, with some fine. Colored. High porosity, high density. 3b/3c; multicultural.

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