Disastrous Japanese Hair Straightening - Help

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Hi Everyone,

I've been a long time lurker but this is my first post. I was stupid enough to try a Japanese Hair Straightening treatment last week and I'm absolutely devastated. I have fine 3A hair that I've been wearing curly forever, but last year I tried 2 agave treatments (which i loved) and was straightening it all the time. So last week, I made a rash decisions and decided to get it straightened permanently. I immediately regret it. My hair feels so rough, and while straight, it's extremely frizzy unless I put some heat on it. I'm so mad that I made such a stupid decision when my hair was fine as it was. The agave usually wore off in 3 months and I was able to wear my hair curly. Now all i have is flat hair rough hair. It was up to my mid back, and I already cut off about 2.5 inches so it's armpit length now.

Has anyone else done this? I don't know what to do. Will my new growth be OK? How long will it take to grow this out? How can I transition without a flat iron if my ends are so frizzy. This is causing me SO much stress. I cannot believe I was so stupid. :cry:


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    Lots of coconut oil should help with the dryness. Grow out is going to depend on how fast your hairs grows. Depending on the condition in a few weeks, if you're still unhappy with it, you could go with a curly perm.
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