Conditioner for 2 1/2 year old

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I'm looking for a new conditioner to use for co-washing my 2 1/2 year old boy's curly hair. I'm currently using one of the California Baby ones, but I don't really care for the way it smells! :-D

His hair is pretty fine, and I think a heavy conditioner would weigh it down. So I'm looking for something on the lighter side.

I'm considering:
Carol's Daughter Hair Milk
Curly Q's
Blended Cutie (definitely looks marketed more to girls! Which is fine :-D )
Tiny Twirls
Original Sprout
Shea Moisture Kids

Too many choices! Anyone think one of these would be particularly good?

I'll post some pictures of his hair as soon as I can!



  • joslin2005joslin2005 Registered Users Posts: 43
    His curls are so cute! I haven't tried this yet but Mop Top has a line for kids called Fuzzy Ducks. They just recently had a sell on it which made the shampoo $5 and I missed it. I was wanting to try it on both my daughters. I decided to switch them to CG approved items so I just recently bought the Suave Essentials Coconut. It was a whole whopping $0.95 for the shampoo or conditioner. I try to stay with natural products but I was in a pinch and went ahead and got this until I can order some online. I haven't got a chance to look at the ingredient list but I know this one is CG approved. But I was pleasantly surprised with how soft and shiny it made my girls' hair. It was real thin and didn't seem to weigh their hair down. Cantu also has a line for kids. I've never tried the Cantu so not sure if it's heavy and don't know how the kids line will be either. I have been using the Mop Top which isn't heavy so I'm assuming the FuzzyDucks won't be but like I said, haven't tried it yet.
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    Refresher: Geranium Refresher Spray (2c distilled water+5 drops of geranium essential oil), DIY spray gel (1 T Mop Top custard + 1 oz distilled water)
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    I have very fine hair and I actually use kids conditioner. Its the only thing I've found that isn't too heavy.
    Its available at Target, its called SoCozy Boing Sweet Crème Curl Conditioner
    - Rose

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    Clarifying: Redken Cleansing Cream Shampoo

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