how does henna change hair?

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im thinking of buying a color depositing shampoo from amazon and i saw it had henna in it. besides changing the color of my hair what will it do ?

also if its to drying is it a good idea to put a few drops of oil in the shampoo ? (i was thinking carrot oil)

thanx in advance


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    Henna contains lawsome, which will bind to the protein structure of your hair, this will strengthen your hair strands, will add a red tint to your hair (depends if the henna is mixed with any other powders), will loosen your curl texture and can dry your hair out.
    If your hair is on the drier side and curlier spectrum, then I recommend using a very moisturising deep conditioner before, or mix a little bit in with your shampoo (be careful might make the colour look less intense), or make sure your after colour care regimen is full of moisturising leave ins for awhile just to replenish your hair strands.
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    I've used henna for years now, and other than brightening my fading natural red, it has not affected my hair at all.
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    Henna made my hair extremely low porosity, like Rapunzel locked in a tower. It may have loosened my curl pattern, though I can't be sure about that.

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    ^^naturecat did you like that change?

    I've done tons of research on henna in the last 10 years I've been on the hair forums, and curl loosening is one of the reasons I've shied away from it for now- as much as I've wanted to take the plunge. I did use a pre-mixed henna (rainbow I think) about 30 years ago, before I had any grey. I loved the shine and strength it gave me, but it was a hassle. I had help applying it, only used it once, and let it fade/get cut out.
    These days I am staying away as I have a lot more grey than 10 years ago and I'm afraid of too much of a line of demarcation between the ashy greying brown and the vibrant henna'd hair. The demipermanent color I use now fades gradually so that when it's time for a touch up, the roots aren't as noticeable. Or I could just start going grey and quit coloring easier, too, now, than I could if I was using henna.
    On the other hand, I am still really intrigued with henna, most especially the strengthening properties and thickening properties, which would be nice with my fine hair
    I'm looking for more curl, body, volume, and shine-a miracle really.
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    I am 50 years old and have had my hair dyed chemically professionally since my 20s. My hair turned to straw (was going every 3 weeks for root touchup) and I mean STRAW! About 10 months ago I switched to henna. I was dying it auburn anyways so the color is the same but waaaay more vibrant. I go to a stylist who has years of experience with henna. She applies indigo to my roots and steams it in for 15 minutes - washes it out and then applies henna over the indigo (roots turn blue before the henna) and that steams for 45 minutes. LOVE LOVE the color! I am naturally brown so that color just deepens and all my grays (60-75% gray) turn a highlighted red. It has depth and shine and the red does not fade like chemicals do. Henna sticks to your hair permenantly. It is also a conditioning treatment. My hair has been transformed in such amazing ways - healthy no more straw, shine, strength (used to have tons of breakage) and I lost absolutely no curl pattern. I get so many compliments on my hair color. It is very very important to use body art quality henna if you are dying over chemically treated hair. I did a ton of research before my first application as well. The henna my stylist uses is by Mehandi. They have a website that has lots of great articles on henna: Henna for Hair. I'm a new member to the boards but will post up pictures of my hair soon. I also got my first dry curly cut by her as well - it is amazing.
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    First attempt posting pictures to the boards - here goes nothing! Picture in pink shirt - fried chemically damaged hair. Picture in beige shirt - 10 months of henna applications every 3 weeks.
    Type 3a, fine, highly porous (though much better after quitting the chemical dyes) 70% gray dying with henna/indigo/black walnut professionally every 4 weeks

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    Shampoo - Indigo Hair and Scalp Cleansing Cream
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    If you're not using straight henna, it probably won't do much.
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    I have been using henna on my hair, I have a very dark chocolately hair . I used 4 bricks because my hair is incredibly long and thick (and a nightmare!) but I made the mixture slightly runnier . I completely covered my head...and the floor...and left it for 5 hours ******* in clingfilm with a towel over that because the warmer it is the brighter the colour. I got a lovely auburn colour which means that the dark brown shines through as it coats the hair but in the sun it is an incredible red colour .
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    I think henna CAN affect hair texture. I have regularly dyed my hair with henna for years and from the first or second application I noticed it loosened my waves/curls. However, I have fine, long hair and a weak wave pattern to begin with. I think it depends on a person's hair type. Any little thing would kill my waves, whereas it might not affect a person with thicker hair and/or a stronger curl pattern. On the plus side, it helped my hair become less frizzy and feel thicker, so I was ok with trade-off to boost my red hair. But if you are just using a shampoo with henna listed as an ingredient, the henna would probably have little to no effect, as another poster mentioned. I'm not even sure you'd get much of a color deposit from a shampoo that you are rinsing out fairly quickly either, TBH.
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    Avoids: 'cones, sulfates heat styling and aloe (allergy)

    Needs: Styler recommendations! Hair NEVER fully dries when gel is applied! Mousses & creams do not seem to provide enough hold for my weak waves/coils. Help!
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    Yesterday I used a 3-to-1 cassia/henna treatment. The texture effects were a slight dry feel but thicker curls. Today I washed with diluted Avalon Organics Lavender shampoo, followed by an acv rinse and applied some Deva ArcAngel gel and squeezed in a little Shea Moisture C&H milk diluted with a little water. Below is the result.

    I plan to do an application with more henna for color in a week or so. I think I'll add some indigo to mitigate the red a bit. My main reason for henna-ing right now is to evaluate the conditioning effects of Ayurvedic hair care herbs which are fanTAStic.

    My routine for the last 2-3 years is co-wash, moisturize, and use a curl gel. I just recently began to shampoo every so often to avoid product fatigue.

    I regularly used a temporary color which made my hair feel nice and light and a little loose. Henna and associated herbs give kind of the same feel of slight loosening of curls, but my hair seems thicker. I've read that it's what henna (more than the other herbs) does well. Once the dryness is compensated for the end results seriously please me.

    Products used for the henna mixture:

    Zenia brand cassia obovata
    Hannah Natural brand henna powder
    chamomile tea
    avocado oil

    Edited to add the nature of this hair: I have 3B botticelli curls, medium porosity (though after henna that might change) and I don't know my density. I never comb and almost never heat-dry.
  • curlyannie80curlyannie80 Posts: 334Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Wow, I love the root curl you have going on! It looks so smooth and defined and healthy.

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  • MsSofteeMsSoftee Posts: 27Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Thank you curlyannie :)
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    Henna is a great double edged sword, it solves a lot of problems but can create new ones. I found that it mostly changes the porosity of hair. If your hair is weak, it will be stronger, but you will have the challenge of moisture, as the products you were using before might not work.

    As a natural gone bad (I tex-laxed my hair, colored with permanent store box dye- and then repented), before henna, I depended on products with protein and more acid. Post henna, I required more alkaline products to rough up the cuticle and cause swelling, before I can moisturize ( thank you science-y hair blog!), this is why some naturals can use baking soda shampoos and get better conditioning results after.

    Regarding hair texture, curlier has has more gaps of a particular type of keratin in the hair strand. Henna, in filling gaps, will consequently make hair have less of those gaps, resulting in making the hair straighter, (of course depending on the particular type of hair, henna application method and hair prep before application).

    Popular science states this in response to why is hair curly:
    "A curly hair can also be described according to its composition and structure. A research team based in Clichy, France, and working for the cosmetics firm L'Oréal, used electron microscopy to compare straight and curly hair fibers. The former were circular in cross section and symmetrical in structure. The latter, though, had an uneven distribution of a particular type of keratin. This protein—which, along with other varieties of keratin, serves as the primary component of hair—accumulated near the inside edge of a curled hair, beneath the curve." retrieved from FYI: What Makes Hair Curly? | Popular Science

    The straight henna application - without conditioner, will make hair straighter, where as the gloss will not be as dramatic a transformation in hair texture.
    Henna Hair gloss (from my understanding) can perhaps be accomplished 2 ways:
    1: mixing 10g-200g henna directly into conditioner and letting it process for 2-4hrs on hair, or
    2: mixing it into a lot of conditioner after henna has "cured" and the dye released.

    I chose henna because I was tired of destroying hair or clothes, with sprays, powders, and temporary, semi, demi, and permanent hair color products.
    I choose henna because, although more expensive in time and convenience and accessibility, it will not cause the hair chaos and chemical chaos, or exposure to PPD, (Paraphenylenediamine). It is suspected to link to blood/bladder cancers and is contained even in some hennas! (I stick to body art quality or recommended brands).

    I bought a book on amazon which simplified color mixing with natural pigments and helped me finally take the plunge, and it might help you too.

    The book is called, Natural Hair Coloring- I bought it on kindle for only $2.51!

    Christine Shahin talks about the ease in which you go back from henna to chemical hair services (coloring, relaxing). She also talks about head wraps and how clients leave with her colorful head wraps for processing, and return later to the salon for rinsing/styling. What most spoke to me however was the connection with Red Tent and continuing an ancient practice of beautification. Her book resolved all of my fears and concerns and allowed me to finally break down and do it. It turned out great!!

    Best of luck everyone!!

    Her website link is here which breaks down the herbal dyes: Earthly Dyes | Goddess Beauty

    Trying to succeed with growing healthy hair, with safer products. Highly porous fine, fragile hair, partially resolved w/henna. Not CG, just whatever works!
    Hair type: mixed, 3c-4c?
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