Super Frustrated - a little help with fine, dense, low porosity waves?

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Hi all, I was hoping to get a little help with my hair - it's pretty much driving me up the wall at the moment. I have really fine, pretty dense, low-porosity hair (I'm assuming so, anyway, since it can take 8 hours for my hair to dry). On a bad day, I have barely any wave, but on a good day, I can almost get some actual curls out of my hair. I also have really flat hair at the roots (my wave doesn't start until the top of my ears on a good day or two-three inches below that on a bad day) and a pin-straight underlayer of hair that basically won't curl no matter what I do to it. I think my hair tends to the dry side, because I get frizz and flyaways really easily, and it tangles fairly easily too.

At the moment, I usually wash my hair every other day or every two days - lately it's been every other day because I think my scalp is really dried out so my roots have been getting really stringy and greasy easily. I usually use Sheamoisture moisture retention shampoo, but I rotate conditioners because none of them I use seem to make any difference. At the moment, I've been using the raw shea butter conditioner, but I've also used the coconut and hibiscus conditioner, olive oil ORS replenishing conditioner, and carol's daughter sacred tiare fortifying conditioner. To be honest, I can't really tell a difference in my hair using the different ones...

As a leave in, I use aveda be curly curl enhancer with either sheamoisture coconut and hibiscus style milk and curl enhancing smoothie. I let my hair air dry because I don't have a diffuser at school with me right now and when I did try, it just seemed to make my hair frizzy. I usually just rake product through my hair (starting below my ears) while it's sopping wet and then scrunch with a cotton t-shirt. Unfortunately, I don't think this routine is working because although my hair can feel really soft at times, it also somehow feels kinda dry, I get flyaways really easily all through my head (except my roots haha) and when the dew point is anything above 35, frizz. It's especially bad in the back top part of my hair, which I think is the thickest part of my hair.

So, here's my question...

I think I may need protein to give my hair some strength (which is why I bought the olive oil replenishing conditioner in the first place) but I'm not really sure what would be best? I really want to use something without silicones, sulfates, etc.. basically, something that I'll be able to wash out without sulfates. I use kinky curly come clean as a clarifying shampoo and even that feels pretty harsh on my hair. So what are some good protein treatments or conditioners with protein I can try? I don't have a lot of money right now so about at sheamoisture's price range is as high as I can go.

I also think I need to try some alternative products to SM. I've been reading around and apparently some people's hair can be sensitive to shea butter and coconut oil? So I kind of want to try some products without either of these ingredients to see. So, again, recommendations for low porosity, fine, dense hair would be greatly welcome.

My other question is about glycerin. I've heard it can be bad in high dew points, and I'm about to head into summer in South Carolina - which means the dew point doesn't usually drop below 60 lol. So are there any good conditioners without glycerin that you can recommend?

I also want to try some different styling products, so any recommendations on that front would also be highly welcome. I'd really love it if I could find something that would allow me to leave the house with wet hair and be okay, because at the moment, it takes anywhere from 5 to 8 hours for my hair to air dry and it's really frustrating.

I was also wondering if anyone had any recommendations on how to style hair, because I can't do a lot of the methods suggested. If I touch my hair at all when it's damp and not sopping wet or dry, it frizzes really badly. So I basically have to put product in when its wet and then not touch it immediately afterward or else it gets pretty bad.

So, basically, I'm just trying to figure out if anyone has any suggestions for dealing with my hair. I'd really love to get some volume at my roots eventually, but honestly, my priority right now is just dealing with the frizz and flyaways and trying to get as much curl out of my hair as possible. Especially because by the second day after washing my hair, it usually gets stringy and dry-looking and weird... I'm kind of a socially anxious person (especially about my hair - kind of had some bad experiences with other kids when my hair was even curlier lol) so any help taming my hair would be much appreciated!

Anyway, sorry for the super long post and the million questions, I'm just really frustrated with my hair and I've love some help figuring out a routine! I also really don't want to go back to regular shampoo and conditioner, because I do feel like my hair has been healthier since I eliminated a lot of the bad ingredients. Although I did consider going back a week ago out of frustration haha.


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    My hair is similar to yours, straight under layer, flat at the roots, low porosity and prone to frizz and flyaways. I don't think shea moisture products would be the best as shea can be too heavy for our hair. Low porosity hair gets weighed down easily.

    As well as using the aveda curl enhancer, try using a gel on top for hold and frizz control. You may need a protein treatment, a cheap one is a DIY treatment of gelatin dissolved in water, mixed with anything else you desire.

    Try placing some hair clips such as claw clips near your scalp while your hair is drying to give some lift and volume at the roots. A product you could try is the ag recoil, which my hair really likes. For a gel you could try ag liquid effects or kinky curly custard.
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    I have a similar hair type. For a budget-friendly protein conditioner I would try Giovanni 2Chic's Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil conditioner.

    It also sounds like you might be putting on too many styling products. You really should only need a bit of your rinse-out conditioner as a leave-in, apply it when hair is still sopping wet from the shower, scrunch the tiny bit of conditioner in, then apply a mousse from your ears down and plop for about 15-20 minutes. Then air dry as usual, when it's finally dry, scrunch out what little crunch the mousse left and you should be good to go.

    You might also consider a layered haircut for a bit more volume too if you don't already have one and/or are due for a cut.

    Also sometimes SheaMoisture shampoos are too harsh for type 2 hair, your mileage will vary with them. I do like a few of their products but since I can't get them in Canada I don't use them at all anymore as I ran out and didn't have the boyfriend buy more and ship it to me. I really like Desert Essence's Lemon and Tea Tree oil shampoo every 2nd or 3rd day or just when there is buildup but I don't need to fully clarify with a sulfate shampoo.
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    I have the same hair. I would recommend staying away from any kind of butters as it weighs things down. Have you tried the Delight line from DevaCurl? It is meant for wavies but it is supposed to be weightless moisture. I think it will be the next try for me. I have some success with partial Kinky Curly line.. I used the leave in and the curling custard. Very weightless.
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    SM products are too heavy for our type of hair. Go with light products. The only time I use a shea butter based product is when I clarify and need a heavier leave in to encourage curl clumps.
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    Holy Grail: Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair
    I rotate through the rest of my products depending on weather and etc but usually don't need them
    I try not to use products tested on animals if I can help it.
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