Back of my head is always insane

las2zglas2zg Registered Users Posts: 17
Do you guys have this problem?! The back of my head/cowlick/whatever is always crazy, and I don't know what to do about it. :angry7: I mean, I can't see it that well so I don't always think about it. But everyone else can see it!!! What do I do?


  • las2zglas2zg Registered Users Posts: 17
    Oh no, am I really the only one?!

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  • BeinDebBeinDeb Registered Users Posts: 583 Curl Connoisseur
    I have issues there as well. I'm pretty sure it's because I sleep on my back though. The only thing that helps me is to use both a silk pillowcase and a sleep bonnet. That combined with a rewet in the morning usually makes it presentable.
  • Therese1Therese1 Registered Users Posts: 2,563 Curl Virtuoso
    I usually clip my wet hair to disguise the colic. After sleeping, if it is strange (though it's usually not, since I pineapple), I spray some water on it, making sure to wet the roots, and then clip. That usually does the trick.
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  • CopperCrownCopperCrown Registered Users Posts: 84
    I also clip mine in the back, and that helps. What really helped me though, was when I started scrunching in products side to side, rather than upside down. Then halfway through drying I'll flip my hair back and make sure to diffuse all around where my hair likes to part in the back. That helps keep it full of wavy volume and sometimes I don't even need to clip there.
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  • curlynccurlync Registered Users Posts: 219 Curl Neophyte
    I have the same problem. I think I just have a tendency to not pay enough attention to the back when I'm diffusing, since I can't see it and it's hard to reach. I usually use the pixie diffusing method in sections on each side before flipping over to dry the back. Lately I've been making a point to, before I flip over, grab sections from the back and use the pixie method on those as well. Trust me, it's not easy! It seems to have helped some (it's not perfect, but it's better).
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  • naturecatnaturecat Registered Users Posts: 1,986 Curl Neophyte
    I always had a weird gap int he back of my hair, til I cut it. I can't see it in back though, but it does look like much less gap than before.

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